Shannon Watts the “stay at home mom” (LOL) did her best to earn her Sugar Daddy Bloomberg bucks…  He paid her well for her services…  enough for her to buy a really nice pad in Colorado that she and her husband likely would never have been able to afford without his money.

Who says shilling for gun control isn’t profitable?

Shannon Watts, aka Shannon Troughton, President and owner of of VoxPop Public Relations, a boutique liberal PR firm is no “stay at home mom.”  She’s got a long history of communications and public relations education and experience behind her.

But it makes for a good fairy tale.


6 thoughts on “REMEMBER THIS? Shannon Watts goes from blaming the NRA to racism is defensive shooting in Texas”
  1. Was the “unarmed robber” thug Black or Hispanic, was he “football linebacker” size, or a little “punk-nerd” size attacking a small female employee? Just wondering. What is the “rest” of the story? Is this “Shannon Watts “version” or actual facts?

  2. A man accused of murder after intervening in an alleged theft and assault at a Dallas-area Family Dollar store in November 2022 was cleared by a grand jury last month.

    Kevin Jackson was arrested and charged with murder after police said he fatally shot 26-year-old Phillp Betts inside a discount store on Lancaster Road in Southern Dallas on Nov. 29, 2022.

    1. Thanks for link, rd, fighting with two women, glad Jackson was basically “acquitted”, however, how long did he spend incarcerated, I wonder. Nov. of 2022, to Jan. 2024, a year plus. If perp was trying to get away, after he was shot? Kinda “iffy” unless perp was still fighting the two women until he got shot, ok, but if he was running away as he was shot, uh-oh. Just sayin’. Things like this happen fast. Good that only one shot fired at perp.

    2. Oh, I don’t know……..remember the teenager in chi]tcago at the hot dog joint? His mother told him to go get her gun out of the car? Then the thug inside slapped her hard enough to knock her down and the son started shooting?

      Then he followed him outside as the thug ran away down the sidewalk and administered the coups de gras?

      Yeah, he executed him on the sidewalk for decking his momma, and the law did, what? NOTHING. (Well, in all fairness, they brought charges then quickly dismissed them, which is just a show).

      There was no deadly foce there. No need for deadly force self-defense or, more to the point, for the son to use deadly force in defending his mother. AND, once the thug ran out and down the sidewalk, each shot after that was attempted (or accomplished) murder.

      And he got away with it, scot-free.

  3. Shannon is just like a street walker trying to get some cash from a John ( Bloomberg ). Whatever it takes including scamming idiots is just par for the course, Everytown chumps and the Moron “moms” are doing all kinds of busy work and shelling out cash while the greasy con artists like Shannon buy million dollar homes and pocket the “donations”. This is the same scam bullshit the terrorist group known as Black Lives Matter pulled. the idiots donate tons of money and the “leader” buys a mansion.

  4. Unarmed does NOT mean Not dangerous or deadly. The firearm is only a tool; much like Shannon. Shannon in her Marxist mind says the NRA tells all of we peons to shoot people for any infraction. Miss Watts, please find me ONE writing, publication, statement from any NRA executive or employee who told we peons to shoot people for any infraction. Apparently Shannon you don’t have enough electrical activity in your brain generating watts.
    Ass clown.

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