Are the Dems getting ready to jettison Joe Biden?  Let’s hope so.  Because if there’s anyone even less likeable at the White House it would the Commie Harris.

Let’s go Brandon!

From PJ Media:

President Joe Biden took to the microphone for an unannounced address on Thursday night, following the release of the politically devastating Special Counsel report that said he “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen.” While the report stated that such actions “present serious risks to national security,” Biden will not face charges because he presents himself as an “elderly man with a poor memory” and it would be difficult to convince a jury he is guilty of a serious felony because to commit such a crime “requires a mental state of willfulness.” The report elaborated by pointing out he couldn’t even remember when he was vice president and didn’t even remember when his son Beau died.

The address was scheduled for 7:45 p.m. but did not actually get underway until around 8 — well past his usual 7 p.m. bedtime.

I can’t explain how or why Biden’s handlers felt it was a good idea to trot him out at night to talk about the special counsel report, but it did not go well. He was belligerent and defensive, and it was a terrible look. When he addressed the report claiming that he couldn’t remember when his son died, it really got bad.

“How in the hell dare he raise that,” Biden said angrily, concluding that it is “none of their damn business.”

“For any extraneous commentary, they don’t know what they’re talking about,” Biden insisted, even though the report presented direct quotes. “It has no place in this report…”

Whoever decided to let Joe Biden out tonight to speak to the nation should be fired.

In light of the damning report, there has been some speculation about whether there may be a need to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office. Clearly, Biden’s speech and mini-press conference Thursday evening were an attempt to dispute the damaging parts of the Special Counsel’s report and present himself as fully in charge and capable. Biden clearly wants the nation to think he’s mentally competent and capable of performing the job, which tells us he has every intention of seeing this election through.

12 thoughts on “Joe Biden: ‘I’m the most qualified person in this country to be the president of the United States.’”
  1. If there was ever a case for removing somebody because of the 25th Amendment Biden is it.

    1. I’m guessing they can’t find a private memory care facility that would/could surrender operations to fulfill the security requirements for an indefinite period of time. Hence, they leave him where security, housekeeping, etc. is in place. Not saying that it’s correct.

  2. Ironically, 36 hours before this posting and last night’s presser, I had thought to myself: While Jimmy gave away the Panama Canal, Joe has given away the whole country.

    1. Kevin,
      more likely Joe’s Marxist “puppet masters”, using the “Cloward-Piven method” to destroy/give away America to the world’s ungrateful, uneducated, third-world poor, just to enhance the democRAT-i-KKK party agenda.
      Pray for America that patriots can wretch control from the Marxists and get America back to a Representative Republic as founded!

  3. I wonder how long the “puppet-masters” (Oblah-ma??) can keep this mentally deficient, arrogant narcissist occupying the pResidency; it is obvious to the world that Joe Bribe’im does not have the mental capacity to be a “WallMart greeter”, let alone to actually be propped up for appearances as someone occupying an elected? office as a “world leader”.
    Joe Bribe’im is almost as much a narcissist as our own arrogant poster (“it’s ALL about ME””) “ken”, WHO HAS NO COMPREHENSION that fractions can actually be added together (as well as subtracted, multiplied and divided); STILL laughing my a$$ off hahahaha, giggle, giggle, giggle!
    To quote Toby Kieth, “How do you like me now!”, “ken”?? haha!

  4. When China Joe left the podium to only turn around and return to it I told Mrs. Land-O. that he was going to step in shit. He proved me right when he put the Egyptian in charge of Mexico. I do not now, or will I ever have any sympathy for the sonofabitch. At the rate he is deteriorating, he’ll be playing with his own poop before the Democrap Convention.

  5. What a total train wreck. This old liberal fool has always been known to be an asshole so senile or not this is how he acts. The really shocking thing is that somehow idiots still support this mess and will vote for him again.

    1. Sadly, you are soooo right. I’ve witnessed it firsthand. There are people in my circles who I love and care about and I’ve tried to show them what the democrats are doing/have done to the cities, the state and the nation. They nod their heads and say “wow, I haven’t thought of that” but come election time, they voted for Biden, Pritzker, Johnson because the media influenced them. I was shocked and infuriated each time.

  6. Who cares what the Communists do with Biden. He is not running the show. In fact none of our politicians are running the show. Three quarters of Congress is in bed with the Chinks. The money is running the show you twits grow up! All Kabuki theatre.

  7. None of this matters. They’ve already perfected the art of manipulating the ballots as well as the media.
    Come election night, there will be boxes and boxes and boxes of “ballots” that will mysteriously appear in the crucial counties and cities of the swing states to put him over the threshold needed to win by a hair in each of those states. Then when Trump attempts to push back, the media will stomp on him and his people and push the whole insurrection narrative again. THAT will become big story, wall to wall, 24/7, making sure that the sheeple remain brainwashed.
    There’s just not enough manpower to monitor and police all of the electoral corruption and even if they can show proof with video or by some other means, the media will bury it.
    We need some other miracle to cause a whole lot of democrats to think twice to the point that it would be impossible for them to fake millions and millions of ballots, rather than a few hundred thousand. Or…
    get a hold of their playbook and stuff the ballots too.

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