At Guns Save Life, we can’t make candidate or political party endorsements because of our tax status.  We can however educate the electorate on candidate positions.

In the 88th Illinois House Republican primary, Illinois gun owners have a choice between two pro-gun Republicans right at the center of the state in a district that spans from Decatur to Bloomington.  It’s a choice that’s appearing in a number of state and federal races across our state.

On Tuesday, GSL will share our thoughts in the 88th Illinois House primary race between Chuck Erickson and Regan Deering.

5 thoughts on “COMING TUESDAY: Central Illinois primary race… a choice between pro-gun candidates”
  1. The simple question is how would they vote on HB2722 which gives more money to the Illinois State Police to do their thing? The ISP is in charge of enforcing the “assault weapon” law. THAT is their thing! If the candidates are in favor of giving more of YOUR tax dollars to an activist agency that has been caught operating outside of their statutory authority 3 or 4 times since PICA was enacted then write them off along with the red flag architects Illinois Carry or the negotiating away your rights and give talking points to gun control advocates ISRA. They are controlled opposition. We already know this from JASON PLUMMER who went on Bishop on Air expressing “sympathy” to the state police over this PICA law. Sympathy for the gun control enforcers……….NOT YOU! Gun owners are better off not voting for an office than voting in a gun control enabler and apologist sympathizer for the state because if you’re ok with that, they got the message you are OK with being strung along and used as a useful idiot. If they support further enabling the state police then they are not pro-gun. 2 + 2 = 4. Remember folks, YOU GET THE GOVERNMENT YOU DESERVE!

    1. Travis, don’t you know by way of your mentor, “ken”, that you cannot add fractions”?? 2 is equal to 2/1, you see 1 goes into 2, 2 times, just like 1/2, the 2 goes into 1 one half times. Fractions are basically division, 1/8, the 8 goes into the one, 1/8th times (if you add 1/8 together 8 times, the value is one), to get decimals, stated in tenths of an inch, or a value, 1 divided by 8 = 0.125, or one quarter (1/4) the 4 goes into the 1, 0.25 times.
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  2. Another quick test question for the candidates is to ask them how they would vote on a bill to eliminate qualified immunity for police. Their answer will immediately tell you who’s side they are on. Pro-qualified immunity is for the state. Anti-qualified immunity is for the people. Police last summer did not want to enforce the New Mexico governor’s gun ban order because New Mexico eliminated qualified immunity and in doing so the police there were at PERSONAL risk of getting sued for constitutional civil rights violations. Ending qualified immunity ended that crusade of gun control. SIMPLE.AS.THAT! Almost NO ONE who has a voice in the 2A world wants to talk about it because gun rights and pro-police are somehow both conservative causes and pitted against each other gun rights lose 100% of the time and enforcers of gun control win 100% of the time. A political realignment is well overdue. Just ask them the simple question on qualified immunity and you’ll know on the spot if they are installed controlled opposition or are actually there for THE PEOPLE!

    1. Why is it that you are directing anyone or everyone else to “ask them how they would vote on a bill to eliminate qualified immunity”, or “how would they vote on HB2722 which gives more money to the Illinois State Police”
      YOU WANT THE ANSWERS, YOU GO GET THE ANSWERS, FOR YOURSELF AND YOU CAN SPREAAD THAT INFORMATION AND BE ARROGANT WITH A PURPOSE, ASSHOLE!!! just my humble opinion, for what it’s worth, IF you do nothing about what you want to know, and just complain about not having those answers, YOU are just a pathetic quisling, JUST LIKE YOUR MENTOR “ken”, GO FOR IT, TRAVIS, GIT ER DONE!, OOPS then you would have nothing to complain about, would you??/

  3. First off, I don’t have any skin in the game, but I’m wondering why anybody would want to elect another BAR member lawyer to public office. They are like, if they aren’t already, freemasons. They take oaths that supersede our constitution. That’s why BAR members are supposed to register with FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) if they run for public office since they are considered “foreign agents” because of their oath. If you are going to support Mr. Erickson, you may want to check and see if he followed the rules and registered with FARA (since many of them don’t). Just like any lawyer, you’ll be able to tell when he’s lying. (Hint: when his lips are moving) Take a look at all the Illinois elected officials, and see how many of them are proud BAR card members. Maybe you’ll start to realize why our state is really screwed up.

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