We would like to introduce everyone to Torrey Lewis (pictured above).  Thanks to our state’s “NO CASH BAIL” law, passed by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, he’s running free as a bird (while likely guilty as hell) despite having 160 counts of murder hanging over his head.  But wait, that’s not all!  He’s also facing 16 counts of attempted carjacking and 9 counts of armed robbery.

A nice guy, right?

Somehow (I would love to hear his attorney explain this)…  somehow Mr. Lewis found himself shot in recent days.  Shot in the driver’s seat of a stolen car behind an auto parts store with a rifle and a handgun in the passenger seat next to him.

Thanks to his ankle bracelet, cops know he reached speeds of 100mph+ while on his way to that auto parts store.  From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — A man on electronic monitoring while awaiting trial on murder and carjacking charges was shot while driving a stolen car with firearms inside the vehicle, officials said Wednesday.

Incredibly, this is the second time that Torrey Lewis has been accused of possessing firearms while on electronic monitoring for the same 2017 murder and carjacking case. The previous gun charges, which we told you about in April 2022, ended with a judge finding him not guilty during a bench trial.

Lewis is facing more than 160 counts of murder in the still-pending murder case in which a disabled man was shot to death while sitting in his wheelchair outside a suburban movie theater as his girlfriend looked on.

New Allegations
Around 10 a.m. on January 31, Lewis was enjoying his “free movement day” — one of two days each week that people on electronic monitoring (EM) in Illinois are allowed to be out of the house under a 2022 law that some people consider “criminal justice reform.” Legislators who supported the measure said it was necessary so people on EM could do “essential activities” like going to a doctor or getting food.

Only in Illinois can you get released without paying a nickel in bail while facing charges for (allegedly) murdering someone, carjacking someone and committing armed robbery.  And Chicago wonders why it has a violent crime problem.

Once released from the hospital, Mr. Lewis will not be taken to jail on the latest charges of possessing those guns when they found him in the car.  Instead, cops issued him a “Notice To Appear” on the new charges.  Pretty sure attending that hearing will be a high priority item for Mr. Lewis.

10 thoughts on “Released without posting a nickel in bail for murder, carjacking and armed robbery charges, felon found shot in stolen car with rifle and pistol next to him by police”
  1. Too bad. I was looking for a happy ending for Mr Lewis on his latest crime spree. Happy in that his demise was involved. No such luck. But in Crimenois and Shitago. Criminals always get a next time.

  2. If he has likely accrued a long list of enemies, as described above, his days are numbered. The “Street Court” can handle the sentencing phase while the county court judicial and associated staff ditch the headache of prosecution, paperwork and a trial, and still maintain great tee or pickleball times. Remember: “It’s the Chicago-way!”

    1. On second thought, he DID go to the doctor and got food at the hospital. Dismiss the gun and stolen car charges – nolle prosequi – all good.

  3. WOW shot “in the driver’s seat”, I bet that really hurt, sarc., too bad he wasn’t shot in the brain-pan, no pain, no recovery, no more taxes paid for trial, food, housing, maybe a burial but cremation is cheaper. DemocRAT voter, I bet.
    You get what you allow, Chitcago, if crimes are not accounted for by the criminals, criminals will run rampant.

    1. Maybe he shot his vic 160 times? Back in the 1800s we had the gallows to cure this behavior.

  4. Democrat society is doomed. Flush them all now. None of them have any redeeming value as human beings.

    1. That sure seems to be the case, Jeff, they are dredges on society through courts, law enforcement, emergency facilities and personnel expense;, the thieving, intimidation, and terrorism of law-abiding citizens, and the killing/wounding they inflict on others of the same mental persuasion (aka: criminals), not to mention IF they were productive citizens, the taxes not generated through productive work, home ownership, etc., as well. Pathetic wastes of oxygen.

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