So Joe Biden’s handlers have decided to up the ante in the battle with Texas over whether or not to stop the invasion into our country.  Today “Joe” is nationalizing part of Texas’ National Guard to do his bidding instead of protecting the people of Texas.

Maybe Greg Abbott needs to send more buses to the street Joe Biden’s house is on…  and maybe the White House and Congress while he’s at it.

Frankly, Biden’s handlers look as though they’re more interested in committing treason than honoring their oaths.  Assuming they took one.

From Victoria Taft at PJ Media:

Joe Biden has called out the cavalry to ride to the rescue of illegal aliens breaking into the country.

You read that right.

Joe Biden is listening to his far-left base and has nationalized a National Guard contingent to “support the federal government’s U.S.-Mexico border control efforts,” which is to say Biden’s opening up of the Southern Border to the illegal invasion.

The left has been urging President Biden to federalize National Guard troops to reopen Texas’s border where illegal immigrants have been overrunning the state. It appears Biden has begun the process of doing that by ordering the Alaska National Guard to get ready to deploy to the border in support of the federal government, not the security of the border.

Texas has been securing the border with layers of concertina wire on top of stacks of shipping containers — a wall, in other words. Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott calls the program “Operation Lone Star…”

The announcement of the National Guard deployment plan is a brushback pitch by the Biden Administration to Texas and a signal to his leftist base that he heard them.

Governor Abbott:  The ball is in your court.


5 thoughts on “NOT THE BABYLON BEE: Biden to Send Troops to Stop Texas from Protecting the Southern Border”
  1. From the article:

    The Anchorage Daily News reports that the deployment of the troops is scheduled for 2025 — after the election.

    Don’t fall for the hype and the fear mongering. Nothing is going to happen before Inauguration Day. If we get stupid and hysterical, we may get lots of publicity, and lots of clicks, but will we advance the goal of getting rid of Open Borders Joe Biden? That should be our main goal.

    Vote out Biden and the Democrats! Close the Border!

  2. Part of Putin’s saber rattling has been saying Russia should take possession of Alaska. Am I the only one that finds it just a little bit eerie that the Alaska National Guard was chosen to defend the far southern border?

  3. Well F**k that nonsense. Let’s see. If our federal government won’t protect the border. And Texas by defending their sovereign border. Has made Brandon go weewee in his britches. I say ignore any and all attempts to use the Texas national guard (residents) to allow the continued invasion. And see what poops his pants does then .

  4. Just a few short years ago, 4 American college students mistakenly crossed into Afghanistan while hiking in the mountains. They wound up doing hard labor in an Afghan prison. Many countries will shoot you for crossing at unofficial check points. But our dumbasses give illegals subsidies like housing, food, medical care, phones and who knows what else.

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