Are you a little bit unsure about what parts of your collection are considered naughty guns by the Illinois State Police and Gov. JB Pritzker?

Well, we’ve referred people to the Illinois State Police’s Identification Guide countless times in phone calls and at meetings.  Here it is for the website.  The last three pages of that ID guide file are the ones with the meat on them.


6 thoughts on “Curious about what’s ‘regulated’ as a naughty gun in the Land of Lincoln? Here you go… from the horsey’s mouth”
  1. In reality, JB Fat Bastard considers all guns, up to and including your Red Ryder BB gun, to be naughty. If you are a gun owner, you are evil personified.
    They simply don’t have the balls to call for an outright confiscation and destruction of all things gun, gun-related or even gun-shaped. Yet.

  2. So I’ll ask my stupid question here–is the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch model banned or not? Several folks I’ve talked to were just convinced that the upper handguard is a “shroud” and thus it’s banned. I can’t see how anyone could possibly conclude that from the text of the statute, but that was the prevailing opinion. Supposing I’m right, and the upper handguard is NOT a shroud, is the next hurdle that it would be considered a “copy, duplicate, variant, or altered facsimile with the capability of” the Tactical model, which is expressly listed as banned? Finally, assuming all of the above answers are “no”, the Ranch model is not banned, anybody know any places that will sell one in IL?

    1. It was banned originally, then ISP in rules decided that handguards are not shrouds. Hence they are okay. Just like M1 Carbine.

    2. Isn’t that funny! As a fellow who may or may not own an actual Saginaw M1 carbine, it IS an actual “assault rifle.” In fact, the one I may or may not own actually was used in combat and may or may not have been brought home from WWII by my uncle.

      They intended to ban actual “assault weapons,” and the one that’s a real battle-proven assault rifle ends up NOT being banned!

      Could any legislators be dumber than Illinois legislators?

      *johnboch, got any “whoorish” epithets to hurl this weekend?

  3. I wish I could actually read the flow charts. The print is so small that I can’t even ready it with my glasses on.
    It would be nice if it could have been put in a PDF format so it could be enlarged and then read. I’m sure it contains a lot of information and probably more gobbledy gook and confusion after being drawn up by the lobbyist for the uninformed legislature. If it’s going to take the attorneys for the state 11-months to figure it out, if then, we as taxpayers are going to pay out a lot of state funds for the litigation costs.

    1. Follow the link near the top of the article, takes you to the pdf. Flowcharts are on the last 3 pages.

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