An Afghanistan “immigrant” saw an adolescent girl asleep in a hotel room in Las Vegas.  So what does he do?  Cops say he took his pants off and started grind on the 15-ish-year-old girl.  Maybe that’s how they do things in Afghanistan, buddy.  But you’re not in Kansas anymore, pal.

What happens when someone sexually assault a man’s adolescent daughter in America?  If dad’s got a pair, that person’s probably best locked up pending trial.  However, this Afghanistan “immigrant” old enough to know better found out the hard way why this is in a Las Vegas courtroom.

Cops charged him with kidnapping, lewdness and sexual assault.


Dad Glenn Cromwell, Jr. saw Azami, who claims he “works” as an actor, outside the courtrooms where he was scheduled to appear.  Dad gets up, walks over and lands the mother of all shots right to the face of Azami.  Where’s Steve Inman when you need him?

It was lights out and Azami’s operating system did an involuntary restart.

From the NY Post:

A man accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl was punched in the face outside of a Las Vegas courtroom, video of the clash shows.

Yousuf Azami, 59, appeared in court on Tuesday for his preliminary hearing on charges of kidnapping, lewdness and sexual assault on a teenage girl, KLAS reported.

At some point before the hearing, Azami stepped out of the courtroom and started walking down the hallway of the Las Vegas Justice Court, video obtained by the outlet shows.

Glenn Cromwell Jr., believed to be connected to the victim in the case, then gets up from a bench where he’d been sitting and follows Azami down the hall and confronts him, video shows.

The two appear to briefly exchange words before Cromwell socked Azami right in the face — hard enough to knock him on his backside, according to the clip.

Azami’s lucky he didn’t get his head stomped or his hangy-down parts ripped off by the angry dad.

Oh, dad was arrested.  But good luck finding a jury to convict.  They better plea bargain this down to jaywalking with a $1 fine if the state hopes to gain anything but an acquittal at a jury trial.



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  1. My dad would have pled guilty, handed the judge 2X the fine, and gone for the second punch, just to save time and $$.

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