I’m battling a bad case of influenza.  Sorry for the light posting.

Here’s the update from yesterday’s court conference.  Greg Bishop did a very nice job on it.  There’s more at his “X” feed.


11 thoughts on “Update from Friday’s US District Court Status Hearing”
  1. If the movement is FOR the second amendment higher courts don’t interfere and have a process blah, blah, blah. However if the movement is AGAINST the second amendment look at the 4th Circuit who took a potential win out of the hands of a 3 judge panel ruling on Maryland’s gun control law to take it en banc prematurely where the decision is certainly going to be anti-constitution. What about SCOTUS? They are on the side of the Republican Party – gun control enabler and jack-booted thug apologist, the other police and gun control. Where you find one you find the other. That’s where I am because police have a tough job to do and we owe them blanket respect. I’m tired of these “muh rights” people who comment on here all of the time thinking their precious 2A is more important than a cops paycheck. I put the needs of the police above the people and their silly constitution and the courts at all levels are Backing the Blue, not you. Police shouldn’t have to be bothered with what to enforce or not. They should be able to carry out their Rambo fantasies at our expense. Who am I? I am a Republican. I am a bible thumper. I am GLS. Back the BADGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. YOU are GrifterLyingScum, aka “ken”, and a SCUM-BASS-TURD A$$hole piece of RAP with a big C in front, GRIFTER! FU very much.!
      YOU are “ken’s” clone “SPOOF-SCAMMER” pile of manure. I think you are “posting” as “Kevin” as well, just trying to create discord like “ken” does with all of his aliases or as I call you ALI-A$$es, a more fitting term for you disgusting idiots, JUST GO AWAY, “ken”, nobody likes your scams!
      K M A with wet sloppy ones, asshole GRIFTER!.

    2. Ken or Kevin or whoever you are STOP IT! You are pointing out how counterproductive and absurd us Back the Blue people are. We are supposed to use blue lights on our porch and have thin blue line bumper stickers to express support for those in uniform protecting us from bad guys and mean people. IT WAS NEVER INTENDED for people to connect the dots and see that “Back the Blue” is code language for pro-militarized police department who will raid homes and kill dogs on command as they confiscate assault weapons of war. People aren’t supposed to know that we support cops who have their eyes glued to their phones in school zones with kids around but will ticket you the second you peons do it. People aren’t supposed to know that we support agents of the government LYING legally to the general public, planting evidence, putting words in people’s mouths so they can use that to secure convictions. People aren’t supposed to know that qualified immunity is central to maintaining gun control that is backed by the Dems and empowered by the Repubs because without it citizens could put a stop to gun control real quickly because they could personally sue cops for civil rights violations. Back the Blue was supposed to look good to the good ol boys club. NOT be called out for what it actually is. PLEASE STOP EXPOSING US!!!!!

    3. To any cop that violates (or even contemplates violating) the 2A rights of the law abiding citizen: FUCK THE BADGE.

      Its time for some clean up on this site. Troll shit like GLS and Kevin need to be shown the door, permanently. We can read their anti-2A and pro-globalist bullshit anywhere else. Their pro jackbooted fascist, pro globalist agenda is stinking up this site. Fix it.

    4. Hey, nutbag? Leave me out of your fever-or-drug-induced swamp dreams and INSANE rantings. And retract your prior defamatory statements about me, or you’re going to be sued.

    5. but , but, but, “ken”,
      You are the one that “declared” GLS 1589 is a “SPOOF” AND RANTED ON HOW HUMEROUS IT WAS THAT (YOU), GRIFTERLYINGSCUM were “SPOOFING” me, how would you know unless YOU are the one DOING THE SPOOFING???!
      K M A with wet sloppy ones A$$HO, “ken” G T H and don’t “pass go” go straight to he!!.

  2. Bootlickers like GSL 1589 real or otherwise should be allowed to talk because by nature, supporting the police especially the ISP is the same as supporting gun control because they are the enforcement arm carrying out the work for Mom’s Demand Action, Giffords, Pritzker, Everytown and the like. Everyone reading these comments need to see how absurd and counterproductive to the 2A “back the blue” actually is. And those bootlickers have to be mocked. LiberalsRcancer – the website isn’t just for you and you are free to ignore anything you don’t like. Reading is voluntary.


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