FoxNews Digital delivered some great digital ink on Governor JB Pritzker’s problems looking like an effective leader in Illinois.  Pritzker’s prize piece of legislation banning guns and magazines, and requiring registration of existing guns, faces mass non-compliance across the state.  How bad is it?  Thousands (29,357) complied with registering their self-defense firearms and accessories.  2.4 million registered nothing.

Even better, FoxNews got input from people on the ground.  And the observations proved brutal for our inept governor’s attempt to come across as strong on gun control.  Of course, Pritzker forgot that gun owners get a vote on this matter too.

From FoxNews Digital:

Illinois gun groups are reporting confusion from gun owners as the state pushes for them to register “assault” weapons under the state’s new ban.

Jan. 1 marked the deadline for Illinoisans to register their assault weapons with the state before the ban signed by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker takes effect on Jan. 10.

However, of the over 2.4 million Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) cardholders, there have only been 112,350 disclosures filed as of Dec. 31, 2023, according to state police data. Another 29,357 disclosures were in the process of being completed.

Uh, no.  29,357 is the total number of gun owners that complied, not “disclosures in the process of being completed.”

Jan. 1 marked the deadline for Illinoisans to register their assault weapons with the state before the ban signed by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker takes effect on Jan. 10.

Second Amendment advocacy groups told Fox News Digital that there is “confusion” among gun owners in the state due to the vagueness of the new law.

Dan Eldridge, president of the Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois lobby group, told Fox News Digital that “one of the aspects” of the noncompliance is simply “ignorance of the law.”

Eldridge said “the confusion is that nobody can tell you what’s covered by this act.” For example, one county prosecutor posted a notice that by Jan. 1, everyone must register their assault weapon and high capacity magazines — but Eldridge noted that magazines “aren’t required to be registered.”

“Nor could they be,” Eldridge said. “They have no serial number.”

“Then more recently, you had this governor stating on camera that automatic and semi-automatic firearms and high capacity magazines must be registered,” he said. “Well, automatic is not mentioned once in the act, and as we talked about just a second ago, magazines aren’t covered, so, well, one out of three is pretty good for this governor on anything gun related…”

A spokesperson for the Illinois State Police (ISP) told Fox News Digital that “not every FOID cardholder owns a gun,” which Eldridge disputed.

“The state police don’t know how many FOID cardholders are firearms owners, but I think it’s safe to say that most individuals are not going to go through the time, expense and invasive background check to get a FOID card if they don’t intend to purchase a firearm,” he said.

Yeah, people don’t jump through the onerous FOID card application process for Saturday morning recreation.  Sure, there are a few FOID holders who don’t have a gun.  Just like there are a few doctors who don’t practice medicine before retirement.

John Boch, executive director of the Illinois Second Amendment advocacy group Guns Save Life, told Fox News Digital that while “thousands have registered their self-defense firearms…. MILLIONS have not.”

“The 98.8% non-compliance speaks volumes for what the average gun owner thinks about gun registration schemes,” Boch said.

“Why the low compliance?” he continued. “We all know that confiscation follows registration.”

Poor Pritzker.  Getting all of this ridicule in the national mainstream media.

Boch said that “there is confusion” with the ban and that plenty of gun owners “remain completely unaware that they own guns that are supposed to be registered.”

“The State Police didn’t mail out anything to FOID cardholders, nor did they even email everyone to let them know about their obligations to remain completely legal,” Boch said.

“Due to the vagueness in both the law and the ISP’s rules that don’t follow the language in the law, many people aren’t sure what they need to do,” he continued.

“We suspect that many people have registered guns that didn’t need to be registered, for instance a Glock pistol that comes with standard capacity magazines over 15 rounds,” he added.

Thank you Houston (the reporter) for fairly and accurately reprinting my comments!

Ted Riva from the DeWitt Co. Sportsman’s Club didn’t mince words.  In fact, he was laugh-out-loud blunt.  God bless him!

Ted Riva, president of the Dewitt County Sportsman’s Club in Illinois, told Fox News Digital the group’s opinion is that the lack of compliance is “a glaring slap in the face to the governor and his traitorous cronies.”

“The compliance numbers are low because law-abiding gun owners are sick and tired of being blamed and punished for the actions of criminals,” Riva said. “We have reached a point where we are no longer willing to accept our constitutionally guaranteed rights being trampled on by politicians that swore an oath to uphold that same constitution.”

“‘Shall not be infringed’ [is] pretty plain and simple wording,” he added.

Riva said there “have been several people that have asked questions about the law itself” and that the “[state’s] rush to implement this illegal piece of trash has left too many questions to answer and continues to confuse law-abiding citizens all across the state.”

Attaboy Ted!
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  1. Thank you for using the governor’s picture on the article instead of our fine men and women and non-binary state troopers. I love it when pro-2A leaders mislead the public by shifting blame away from the state troopers who are on the ground actually enforcing PICA to the politicians who were behind the law but not enforcing it themselves. This way it gives cover to those of us who want to Back the Blue and give blanket blind support to the police. They have a hard job to do and shouldn’t be stigmatized for ruining people’s lives by ransacking their homes looking for some unregistered weapon they purchased legally. We owe the police red carpet treatment on a continuing basis even when they violate our constitutional rights while they violate their own oaths. This way we can blame our political opponents instead of the boots on the ground doing this to people. Thanks for the blame shifting operation. It works on people not paying attention! Btw, it’s ok to stigmatize non-binary cops because the pro-2nd Amendment Republican Party who funds gun control thru the back door doesn’t like people unless they are hetero.

    1. “ken” says you are a “SPOOF” a better word is SCUM and/or SCAM, F U very much!, …GRIFTERLYINGSCUM! right “ken”?!

    2. In case the masses here miss the IRONY, GLS1589 is an account someone uses to spoof the ol’ far GSL1589. He’s being entirely tongue-in-cheek (at least I hope!) in his postings. He does it because GSL1589 used to be a boot-deep-throater and kinda still is. The same as this whole BLOG used to be, back when the banhammer was wielded so cavalierly. If you disagreed with the “Thor” who wielded it, you’d be banned. Today, the fellows who were boot-lickers and some who were deep-throaters are now sounding about the same as I was, four short years ago.

      THE COPS are NOT YOUR FRIEND. THey are the ENEMY. In this case, it’s more likely the state police who’ll be wearing jackboots when they come to kick in your doors (Krystallnacht, 2024). The CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS we call “SHERIFFS” are indicating they’ll honor the Constitution. Yay! Teach your children not to put any faith in the cops. Call them when you must, for insurance purposes or to CYA but don’t ever count on them to do the right or honest thing. MOST of them are utterly corrupt. Because those are are NOT inherently corrupt defend those who are, they are thus corrupt by implication and taint. ONE bad apple does, indeed, spoil the whole damn bunch. Source: Take Axl’s word for it!

      But, don’t mistake the irrelationship between GLS1589 and GSL1589. It’s getting kinda heated!

      *and, I, Ken, have NOTHING to do with it! So chuckle along with me when the ol’ fart attacks me every time GLS posts something hilariously ironic.

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      GO AWAY “ken” GrifterLyingScum!! ONLY “ken’s” views/perceptions/lies can be allowed without “him” (“ken”)” denigrating/slandering/mocking other views/perceptions.

  2. I disagree that gun owners get a vote in Illinois. No one south of I-80 gets any input on anything in this state thanks to Crook County. If we actually had any representation, this gut-and-replace nightmare would have been killed off before it got anywhere at all. What we really get is all the government Lard Lad can purchase.

  3. The Pritzker family, always making the lives of left wing journalists more difficult. It’s what happens when you give billions to families with brother/uncles and sister/aunts, case study in genetics.

  4. At this point, Illinois is still a laughingstock of a state. How in the world can ISP (or anybody else, for that matter) try enforcing the laws and rules, when the rules aren’t even finalized and apparently the law itself is “void for vagueness”. In other words a person of average intelligence cannot read the law and understand what is required to be registered, and what is not. The ISP managed to repeat its fiascos with the gun dealer licensing laws and regs, and with the whole FOID/CCL nightmare. We overpay on all kinds of taxes for THIS??

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