Greetings.  Busy finishing the next issue of GunNews amid a wedding this weekend.  Got this email this morning.  It’s the third I’ve gotten in recent days reference the back and forth sniping in comments between two of our regular commenters.

Guns Save Life’s web site is becoming a little like the Wild West. In some ways that’s a good thing. In others it just portrays us (2A supporters) as nothing more than an unstable mob.  GSL 1589 and Ken don’t do us any favors with their rancor.  Any way to inform them comments on the blog [posts] are what they should be doing? And not this silly back and forth between two people. Thanks for what you can do.

I’ll second that motion.  I like and encourage the free flow of ideas, analysis and interpretations.  Even if they are off topic to some degree on occasion.

Personal attacks don’t add anything of value.

As an aside, the only other really problematic areas, aside from defamatory remarks and doxxing are overtly racist stuff.  Racial epithets reduce the site’s value and our reputation so I try to address those with direct edits on an “as seen” basis.

And I also got this one a few days ago…

I know you know ****.  Can you ask him to quit with the nasty attacks on ‘Ken’?  Trust me, sir, I never thought I’d defend Ken.  Their back and forth is getting distracting.

Figuring that one or both gents had something going on that’s got them irritable I thought this would pass, but it’s only getting worse.  So I’m sharing these emails and urging you two gents to take a break from sniping or trolling one another.

Pretty please?

7 thoughts on “HOUSEKEEPING: Outside complaints reference ‘purse swinging’”
  1. Will anything be done about the “cloning” of my “screen name” which is my GSL membership number, that I have used since first signed up to GSL comments, which, I believe” stem from “ken”, to irritate me …. examples:
    GSL 15 S 9,
    GLS 1589,
    GSL 15889;
    On one post by “GLS 1589” “ken”: signed at end of post: “Amy’s Dad, Dr. ken”.
    Anyone that is cloning another’s screen name for the purpose of denigrating or ridiculing, should lose the “privilege” of being able to post by being removed and not allowed to post, as this type of trolling, especially when posting is despicable and only recourse is the “purse swing”, can this behavior be reason to be “banned”? “ken” did this same type of mischief many moons ago that helped get him banned before, although he was derogatory towards John Boch as well as myself at that time.
    Just wondering if “screen names” can be policed or reviewed better because of this behavior. It seems that I am the brunt of this type of ridicule, in my humble opinion.

    1. In my defense, when i swing back, I’m only engaging in self-defense and if you’ll notice I haven’t attacked the man. he has attacked me personally, he has insulted me in the worst form of insult known to man. are you saying it’s okay for a man to call another man on your website a pedophile and a “fraud” and the man attacked is unable to deny it and to say retract your defamatory statements?

      In his defense, he says “i’m sorry for letting it get out of line.” Letting it get out of line? He’s the aggressor! He’s the instigator! He’s the offensive one. his language is foul. I don’t even use profanity. his attacks are personal and only personal. he doesn’t respond to the substance of any of my postings. He simply attacks me and calls me names. He’s the one who starts out every posting with personal attacks on me and for the wrong reasons!

      There’s a thing called moral equivalency that’s making the rounds today. Some say the Jews are the aggressors In Gaza. those people are morons. those who are intelligent or even half witted know that hamas is the aggressor is sub-Animal and needs to be wiped out. it is not racist nor vile to say that. But to suggest that what I have done in my own defense and in demanding retraction of his defamatory statements is morally equivalent to what he has done is ludicrous!

      Also I have not used any other name than my own. I have not impersonated any of the other people. He has falsely claimed I am creating identities to attack him. That’s somebody else. When I use a different screen name, you can clearly tell it is I from the content of the posting, and, more important, my signature at the bottom, and if you will also notice my postings are all related to the content of the story in which I post. He starts off his rants by personally attacking me in something utterly unrelated to the topic at hand or anything in the zeitgeist.

      This is a site dedicated to gun rights and one of those rights we have is the right to possess firearms as long as we are not insane. I have suggested that that man needs to be identified and have his identity, and his postings turned over to the state police because I think he is a danger to himself and others. His rantings are borderline school shooter. He is utterly unhinged. In response to someone else posting hilarious sarcastic comments mocking his beliefs. he’s almost murderously angry about that! So much so that he has allowed his own clouded thinking to lead him to the belief that it is I who is posting that.

      Look, I’m pleased to see that you guys are coming around my way of thinking regarding the cops who are the enemy. And not your friend … if you’ll recall the thing that got me banned hammered a couple of years ago was attacking the police because of their evil nature. And now you guys are talking the same talk! We know that cops are not the good guys. We know that they’re going to go door-to-door and their defense will be “just following orders ” like at nuremberg. We also know that democrats are another ilk of the same flavor pernow. The funny thing is that 3 years ago you kicked me off. Because I was pronouncing this and backing it up with daily postings with links to YouTube videos showing cops attacking and murdering people without cause. today, It doesn’t even raise an eyebrow.

      I appreciate the opportunity to post here, to read postings Here and Johnboch, i was gonna send you a Christmas card saying. You’ve done a great job this year without trying to sound like a sycophant.

      But if that guy says anything bad or defamatory about me. I’m going to respond and if you don’t like it, then don’t shoot the Messenger. Shoot the one who sends the message. I am not the problem.

    2. If you think you’re the brunt of ridicule then perhaps it is your way of thinking and or of expressing yourself. Some of your opinions apparently rub others the wrong way.

      Don’t we have a presidential candidate today, Isn’t it Nicki Haley who says that all online identities should be doxed? And everybody denied the right to anonymously post anything? Thats called absolutism, fascism and censorship. Anonymity in political comment is precious going back to the days of Ben Franklin posting as oh. What was the alias he used?But Gs L1589 thinks that everybody should have Ag. SL membership number in order to post. well if that’s the way you want to do it that’s fine.

      And in conclusion, I would make a donation to your favorite charity in the amount of $100 for the identification of the user known as G. Yes. L 1589. He needs to be sued for defamation. Whatever you think about my commenting here, you cannot countenance. That man calling me a pedophile and expecting to get away with it. That is evil and despicable and must be punished!

      My suggestion to Gs L1589 in all seriousness is if you can’t stand the heat. Get out of the kitchen! I don’t like your opinions. I haven’t heard anything intelligent come out of you and apparently at least 1 or 2 others haven’t either because I learned very early on that somebody was mimicing you and your screen name in order to criticize your way of thinking but that’s all It was … was criticizing your way of thinking and expressing yourself. It wasn’t personal attacks. You have done nothing but attack me personally. You can’t criticize my way of thinking because you’re not intellectually qualified.

      You will note that there is a change in the current of modern day. Thinking regarding the police. We old folks were taught when we were young that officer friendly was there to help you and if you ever ran into trouble of any kind run to the nearest cop. today parents are teaching their kids Never call the police, never talk to the police and never answer questions from the police. Because they are the enemy. When you post your backing the blue comments, you run a lot of people rough. It’s unfortunate that it takes blunt talk to convey this to you but obviously people don’t like the way you think.

      No disrespect to any other g s l user or person is intended. If you don’t like what I post viz commentary, then post something in intelligent debate.

    3. It is fairly obvious, the above three post names writing style and “ken”‘s posts writing style are too similar in to be different authors, when compared, and the example copied/pasted has signature as “Amy’s dad “dr. ken” posted by “GLS 1589, of which many moons ago “ken” often posted as “dr. ken”. To paraphrase Shakespeare: “methinks (you) doth protest too much”. Just sayin.

  2. Beating a “dead horse”, “ken” (et al):
    Ken says:
    December 14, 2023 at 5:56 pm
    In my defense, when i swing back, I’m only engaging in self-defense and
    if you’ll notice I haven’t attacked the man.

    Ken says:
    December 4, 2023 at 7:52 pm
    To parrot Will Smith : keep my name out of your fever Swamp dripping brain addled
    ranting nonsense screeds boy!

    Your memory is obviously as short as your p*****.

    You sit here and rant your little nutjob rants on this website.

    Remember pre-pandemic when I got “banhammered” for calling you all a bunch of circle-jerkers
    because you LEAPT to the defense of bad cops?
    “ken” (and all his aliases) are LIARS!
    “ken” = GLS 1589 = Amy = Todd = GSL 15 S 9 = GSL 15889 = “ken” = “dr. ken” = LIARS ALL!

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