On November 6, Chicago cops tried to stop Trenza Campbell, 32.  Instead of stopping to talk with the police, Mr. Campbell proceeded to walk away briskly.  Then he pulled a gun and started shooting at the cops, trying to kill them to get away.

One of his rounds hit one of the officers in the arm.

If this ne’er-do-well thought it okay to pull out a gun and start killing cops to get away, imagine what he would do to you or your family if you stood between him and something he wanted.

Of course, Chicago’s boys in blue did the only polite thing they could do:  they shot back.  And mad kudos to the sergeant who hopped out of his ride (man, they’ve got some old squad cars!) in the middle of an exchange of gunfire.  Sgt. White Shirt advanced on this pistol-packin’ perp like a boss, popping enough caps in Campbell’s cranium to end his criminal career permanently.

In fact, in the video, you can see Mr. Campbell lost more than a little grey matter, not that he had a lot of begin with.

If you stick around long enough on the video you can see a couple of female cops glove up and “render aid.”  SPOILER ALERT GIRLS:  He’s dead.  A chest seal or two isn’t gonna fix two or three head shots that evacuated a big part of what few brains Campbell the would-be cop killer had.  I didn’t stick around long enough to see if they started chest compressions to help push out what blood he had left but that would have been the ultimate final flex on this Trenza the terrible.

And what’s up with Mr. N95 mask?  Dude, are you skeered of the common cold?  That mask doesn’t protect you from COVID.  In fact, it has deleterious health impacts.

Glad the cop shot in the arm will be okay and that the wound wasn’t worse.

Thanks to the sergeant for the taxpayer relief shots.  He saved taxpayers some real money.

As for Trenza?  This menace to society won’t be missed.  Trenza the Menace won’t rob any more people, or kill anyone else.  He won’t carjack any families or rape any women.  He won’t father any more children or molest any little girls or boys.  In short, Chicago is a far better place without him.

8 thoughts on “Chicago cop shot in November 2023 shootout, perp lost his mind [Graphic VIDEO]”
  1. So his shooting was mighty fine. But what was more impressive was his knowledge. As to the proper application for a tourniquette.

    The one uniformed officer just kind of slapped it on and I was waiting for the shot officer to scream in pain. Cause those f****** hurt! And the white shirt Noticed that it wasn’t tight enough and stopped to re – apply it. That is presence of mind! Way to go.

    MERRY CHRISTMASS to all, except the ol’ fart i’m suing for defamation. You can go fawk y’ersef.

    1. “ken” = GLS AKA: GRIFTER LYING SCUM! = GSL 15 S 9 = AMY DADDY “DR. dim-rat ken” = mentally disturbed TROLL, etc., etc., etc.

    2. HERE IS PROOF from one of “ken”s own posts, copied/pasted… how do you like me now, “ken” I do not like you or your lies, K M A!
      GSL 15S9 says:
      December 11, 2023 at 12:18 am
      Hey, granddad! Why don’t you try to confine your bile to something related to the issues of concern on the site instead of all of these personal attacks that are so far afield from sense as to inspire me to find out your real identity just so I can file a red flag report on you with your friends at the ISP? You really sound unhinged I mean bad shite crazy!
      – Amy’s dad Dr. Ken

    3. GLS, aka: “ken”, Amy, GSL 15s9, GSL 15889, Grifter Lying Scum;
      I’m sure you have heard this before, but just in case. No one cares about your thoughts and ideas. Infact most of us would appreciate it if you would just get lost. Here’s an idea, find a forum with other like minded individuals.

    1. I know he is just as he did many moons ago, it is irritating the way he trolls to spread discord where there doesn’t need to be with his “anti-law enforcement” all the time, mostly as sarcasm using a post name similar to mine (GLS 1589, AND GSL 15s9) he needs to be held accountable somehow, in my humble opinion.
      My apologies to all others on this site other than the “back the blue till its you” crowd.

  2. HIs family will probably still find a reason to sue the city, and the city will probably pay.

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