Some great combat video with lots of trigger time and some very tight CQB action.

Also, there’s news that Israel’s about to give Hamas a giant saltwater enema in the coming days.

Merry Christmas!

From PJ Media:

Israel has begun the process of flooding the network of tunnels beneath Gaza in an effort to flush out the impacted Hamas assets lodged there, according to U.S. officials who spoke to the Wall Street Journal. The Israeli military operation has so far involved the installation of seven massive pumps and testing the process of flooding the Hamas holes with water from the Mediterranean Sea, and now the great enema has begun in earnest.

“Israeli officials say that Hamas’s underground system has been key to its operations on the battlefield,” explains WSJ. “The tunnel system, they say, is used by Hamas to maneuver fighters across the battlefield and store the group’s rockets and munitions, and enables the group’s leaders to command and control their forces. Israel also believes some hostages are being held inside tunnels.”

The tunnel system has been dug throughout much of Gaza and is also active at the Egyptian border, the crossing at which Hamas militants smuggle many of their weapons into Gaza. It is a critical infrastructure for the terrorists’ ability to continue to wage their bloody war against the only democracy in the region. Remove the network of tunnels from the table, and you severely cripple that ability.

Israel has been struggling to disable Hamas’s underground system, trying everything from directed bombings to drones to releasing dogs into the tunnels. The IDF rightly balks at sending troops underground, where they would basically forfeit every fighting advantage and be easy pickings for booby traps and ambushes.

3 thoughts on “Combat Footage from Gaza… IDF taking care of business [VIDEO]”
  1. It’s what has to be done when you need to flush out the rats.
    Unfortunately for Israel, the rats can probably multiply faster than they can kill them.

  2. That guy that had the grenade tossed at his feeyt and then went on to kill one or two Hamas scumbags was like John freaking Wick and Audie Murphy all rolled into one.

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