Gun free zones aren’t.  Those include jails and prisons.  In Sangamon County, IL, the juvenile detention center is clearly a gun-free zone.  A really big gun free zone.  Yet in recent days a juvy offender there – a local bad boy named Camren Darden –  managed to get his hands on a Girsan 9mm pistol.

Given that the gun looks and feels like a clone of a Beretta 92 full-sized pistol, he clearly didn’t smuggle this into the facility by sticking it up his butthole.  At least I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit.

Regardless, someone smuggled the piece in and Mr. Darden ended up in control of it.  He shot up the place and thought he was going to hold a female inmate hostage as he got out.

Apparently the 17-year-old bad boy Camren Darden believed that holding a hostage at gunpoint would somehow end well for him.  Maybe he thought all of his fellow gang members would hold him in awe for breaking out of jail with a hostage.  Whatever he thought, he thought wrong.  After soaking up the first few shots, Darden dropped his Girsan.  Then, despite police commands to get his hands up, he reached for the Girsan.  The screen cap below shows the scene a few tenths of a second before the cop shot him again…  There are multiple lessons here to learn from Mr. Darden’s violent tendencies.  Not the least of which is that shooting bad guys in the back is sometimes not only justified but necessary.

His aspirations of becoming a top gangster in the Illinois capital city left about as quickly as those .223 rounds entered his body.  And then he expired a short time after arriving at the hospital.

Here’s the YouTube video of Springfield PD responding and promptly putting an end to the incident.  (The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.)

There’s something to be said for gratitude to the Springfield cop that put down this menace to society.  If this violent criminal was willing to kill at least three people that he shot at to help him escape from custody, what do you think he would do to you or your family if you didn’t comply with his demands to “give it up”?

From the YouTube description:

Springfield, Illinois — On September 30, at approximately 7:45 p.m., the Springfield Police Department responded to an active shooter call at the Sangamon County Juvenile Detention Facility. Workers at the Sangamon County Detention Center had called law enforcement in need of officers. Information was received that a subject was armed, had possibly shot someone and was holding another hostage. The detention center guards are not allowed to carry firearms because of a state regulation. When officers arrived, they found the armed suspect, 17-year-old Camren Darden and the hostage at the entrance to the facility. The officer fired multiple rounds as Darden opened the front door, causing his firearm to fling backward. As Darden crawled to retrieve his weapon, the officer fired another shot, before Darden raised his hands in the air. Both Darden and the hostage were taken to HSHS St. John Hospital to be treated for their injuries. Darden died on September 30th at 9:41 p.m. from multiple gunshot wounds, according to Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon. A 9 millimeter handgun was recovered at the scene. After the shooting, all of the juveniles were transferred to other facilities around the area, and haven’t returned to Sangamon County Juvenile Center.

10 thoughts on “GUN FREE ZONE FAIL (AGAIN): Inmate at Sangamon County (IL) Juvenile Jail obtains smuggled-in loaded gun, takes female inmate hostage, gets shot dead [VIDEO]”
  1. Another reason every law abiding gun owner should own an AR-15. If not for SPD, this idiot would have a car with a hostage and do who knows what. Kudos to SPD!

  2. I’m sure he and his family were shocked that a Springfield judge would not released him on cashless bail.
    I’m sure a BLM protest is being stirred up as we speak.

    1. No riots yet. Still to cold outside. Once it is clear Trump is the Republican nominee and polling has him winning again along with warmer weather then the riots start. Add in the democrat convention in Chicago for more spicy times here in Illinois. The US will probably have troops in Israel and or Ukraine so Biden can campaign as a war time President the situation in the US should be red hot. Be prepared AT ALL TIMES for something to pop off.

  3. It is a shame and shameful that the “parents”, aka: baby-daddy/baby-mama, of this “wanna-be” thug/gang-banger didn’t raise him to be respectful of other people’s rights and of society’s laws of civility. It appears he was destined to this type of end by his lifestyle. Why are so many of today’s young following this path, or is it that God and respect for life has been removed from teachings?

    1. Just curious. Not meant to be an insult but just a question. Have you ever actually spoken to the baby mama/baby daddy types you refer to? From your comment I am led to believe you never have had any interaction with these people.

    2. No, Paul, my limited knowledge stems from watching “judge” shows, and agreed, if they are performing on TV, although not “scripted”, it is a sad example of their lifestyle when one is being sued for support or other things; but, so many in high concentration areas of large cities have such similar lifestyles/actions teenagers having babies for generations is not necessarily a “good thing” when the younger generations get further and further from a church oriented respectful “society”. Sad to say.

  4. GSL1589 has nothing to do with baby daddys, has everything to do with the existence of evil in our world. Regardless of the factors promoting or instilling the evil the only way to stop evil is to kill evil. We all have free will and make our choices. Consequences for those choices should and do exist. period. Full stop.

    1. Agreed, Jeff, there is much evil in this world especially when fathers aka: baby-daddies are not raised with social respect and moral teachings for a few generations, the young are destined to follow an evil path especially so if their peers are following the same evil path as to be accepted in that type of society.

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