You want to know what mass non-compliance with unconstitutional laws looks like?  Look no further than the gun registration numbers the Illinois State Police have reported.  With just three weeks left in the window to register, ISP still only got a 1264 additional individuals registering their self-defense firearms, ammunition and accessories.  99.75% the 2.4+ million FOID holders have elected not to register their naughty guns.

Now granted, not all of those registered gun owners in Illinois own America’s favorite rifle or hundreds of other makes and models of popular self-defense firearms.  But it seems reasonable to infer that probably half of them own something that’s on the naughty list.

One other consideration:  How many of those 6141 individuals who registered something actually registered something not on the banned list.  (By the way, the ISP’s latest banned list can be found here…  check out the handy flow charts in the back to save yourself some time.)

For instance, a LOT of people are under the faulty impression that guns like the Glock 17 that come standard with a 17-round magazine are banned and must be registered before January 1.  Ditto for Sig P320 (17 rounds), the S&W M&P 9 (17 rounds) or some of the Canik line (18 rounds).  You get the idea.

We’re written about reasons why you shouldn’t register.  At this point though, this is a personal decision you have to weigh.  Do you register and risk confiscation next year, or tax audits, or future registration fees or mandated insurance?  Or do you just bury your stuff or take it out of state or have a boating accident?  Or just do nothing and keep them safe and secure in your safe.  You have to weigh the pros and cons of each direction and pick which one works best for you.

Rest assured, if you choose not to register, you won’t be alone.  ‘Cause right now, 99.75% of our gun owners are with you.

Regardless, you should tell anyone and everyone loudly that you’re getting your naughty guns out of Illinois.  Greatly reduce the chances that someone snitches on you.

What am I doing?  Originally I had planned to register a couple of specimens, but I’m reconsidering that.  I’ll share where I’m landing as I make a final decision.


21 thoughts on “COUNTDOWN TO CONFISCATION: 99.75% of Illinois Residents still *NOT* complying with gun registration of self-defense firearms”
  1. confiscation-nwords, keep sucking commie dick & swallowing – or ktf away from real humans

  2. Seriously, John? You haven’t made your final decision yet, but you’ve posted multiple articles telling Illinois subjects to NOT register?

    My decision was made over 25 years ago about registering guns …

    1. Be careful of johnbochs wearing two hats!! They’ll tell you to do one thing, and then they’ll do exactly the opposite just to use you as their test market. You know d*** well, he’s going to register. He can’t take a chance with his career and family at getting charged with a felony. Or even a misdemeanor given his position in this organization.

    2. I don’t know why you are dumping on John Boch. He is very well informed and smart on these issues. He talks to top 2A attorneys weekly if not daily. As a member of the GSL Board of Directors, I can tell you his position in this NOT FOR PROFIT organization is safe. IMO Illinois is trying to corner us so that we have no choices that are legal. Registering itself may be illegal. as far as I am concerned.

  3. I don’t care what the DemoRATS pass. They are commies. I registered everything including non-banned items because I have sympathy for the state police. They protect us and I don’t want inconvenience them when the DemoRATS pass more gun control so I’ll just register all single shot and bolt action rifles now so the ISP can use that information to help keep us safe from criminals. I don’t care what some of these anti-cop independANTS have to say about rights. That’s all people care about! Rights, rights, rights, blah, blah. It gets old. What about backing the blue? The ISP will keep our serial numbers safe! We register our cars don’t we? This isn’t hard. The rank and file trooper loves us and so do the republicans, they told us that. If we register our guns and the DemoRATS pass a gun confiscation law the ISP won’t take the law seriously and will be nice to us. I’m sure they’ll give us gift cards to our FAVORITE restaurants. It’s like dinner on us! Also, when they feel threatened by the family dog they’ll put it down quickly so Spot won’t feel pain. THIS is the kind of sympathy they give us. They do care about our feelings. I’ll always back the men and women in blue. At least I respect law enforcement unlike some of the immature commie-enablers on here that think their silly constitution is more important than someone’s paycheck. Who do they think they are?

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  4. GSL 1589 – you’ve accused me of being ken or someone else trying to impersonate you. I’m not. I am my own person and just happen to share your views. Btw, it’s Guns Lives Save. GLS. There’s no need to go turn in my firearms at the nearest cop shop. I respect the process. They will eventually get confiscation orders and I will gladly assist them when they visit my house. I’ll ask to be handcuffed and put in my favorite recliner by the window so I can look at the squad cars. I hope they come in one of those new Fords with the new decals. They’re bad ass!

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    4. Hey, if anyone happens to know the identity of GsL1589 I would suggest you contact the state police and file a red flag notice. his rantings here appear to be the insane ramblings of someone who by any imagination should never have a gun. I mean even you guys who are rapidly second amendment favorable should recognize that the insane should not be permitted to possess firearms. This guy is about to go postal! Someone who knows him ought to file an anonymous complaint.

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  6. my attitude, they want AW accessories registered, which is basically defined as everything, start registering boxes of springs, scrap lumber, boxes of screws and the like. Toy Han Solo star wars blaster, register it, it has a flash suppressor. Got an airsoft gun, register the grip, the flash supressor, the buffer, the stock, as long as its literally true there is nothing they can do.
    Literally, a cut 1×2 could be used as a pistol grip

  7. That’s what I did after the passage of the NY SAFE Act- told everyone I moved my stuff out of state.

    Funny, but pretty much everyone still shipped me an endless supply of AR parts, right to my place in NYC. I build more guns on my dining table than most Americans in free states. Or maybe I didn’t. Wink, wink.

    In any case, I’d never comply. Ended up moving out of the city to the Midwest. Never going back.

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