So, you’re part of the 99.8% of Illinois FOID holders who has not registered your self-defense firearms with the IL State Police.

At the same time you’re living with some anxiety.  You’ve contemplated registering your naughty guns to comply with the new Illinois gun ban law.  You know that you’re risking criminal penalties in the unlikely event certain police agencies discover unregistered firearms in your possession and you’re not used to living on the wrong side of the law.

At the same time you’re aware of Governor Pritzker’s plans to support new legislation in 2024 to “close the existing owner loophole.”  That legislation would give those who have registered “naughty guns” some period of time to surrender those firearms of face felony charges.  90 days was mentioned but the final window for “amnesty” had not been agreed upon at the time we had that conversation.  Those plans were leaked to Guns Save Life from someone close to Pritzker’s inner circle a couple of months ago.

Not only that, but the ISP will share the registration data with all law enforcement agencies in the state.  These include anti-gun municipalities with existing ordinances against possession of these guns (think Cook County and Highland Park, for example).  Expect those agencies to launch enforcement actions against those Cook County / Highland Park / Deerfield residents who register their black guns.  The registration information provides plenty of information necessary to secure a warrant.

But wait, it gets better.  Confiscation and potential for search and arrests in some jurisdictions is but the tip of the iceberg.

Last night in Decatur, for our Industry Update, Dan Cooley (the owner of The Bullet Trap in Macon, IL) offered his thoughts on what else Democrats would like to see happen to those who dutifully register those naughty guns with the Illinois State Police.

Dan suggested that some Democrats are already discussing an insurance requirement for those with these “dangerous and unusual” firearms.  Because, you know, the gang members shooting up our cities and committing violent felony crimes like robberies with these guns are FOID holders who have registered their guns.

He also indicated that it would be a simple matter to establish annual record-keeping “fees” for owners of registered guns to pay.

“Proof of possession” inspections might also be in the works, where cops can show up and demand the registered owners show law enforcement their guns to make sure they still have them and haven’t sold them to bad actors.

In the PICA law or in the emergency rulemaking, the ISP now has the authority to, each October 1st, “revise” the list of what’s a naughty gun, making more gun owners criminals overnight.

Oh wait, but it gets better.

We know how the Democrat party has weaponized the Internal Revenue Service at the federal level against political opponents or organizations they disfavor.

What happens when JB Pritzker and his merry band pick up the phone and have a little chat with the fine folks who run the Illinois Department of Revenue.  Including maybe even Associate Director “Africa.”

And what do you know?  All of the sudden those who registered those evil black rifles are suddenly getting audited by the Illinois Department of Revenue.

But don’t worry.  It’s completely at random.

Because radical Democrats would never, NEVER EVER, weaponize government against people they don’t like.

9 thoughts on “GOOD AND HARD: Confiscation just tip of iceberg for those who register ‘Naughty Guns’ in Illinois”
  1. I’m going to ask around at work to find out who in the hell is this “Africa” person.

  2. They wouldn’t do that stuff to us, would they? Yeah, that’s sarcasm. Thank you for keeping us informed of potential downsides to registering. I never considered things like this before now.

  3. Don’t think for a minute that audit for taxes was anything but random. Better make sure you paid sales tax and all those mail order items you’ve bought in the past few years.

  4. There are no “naughty guns”, there are criminals that use guns for assault and other illegal, evil purposes and there are law abiding citizens that legally own firearms for defense, hunting, and sporting purposes; we need to keep focused on the distorted language the Marxists use to disparage the use of inanimate tools used for self defense and other legal uses.

  5. If you’re one of these “back the blue” gun owners and support the ISP why not join Mom’s Demand Action, Giffords, Brady Campaign and Everytown. It’s the same thing. If you don’t get that, and MANY still don’t want to get it because it forces a re-evaluation of everything you’ve ever thought and the high risk of finding out that long-time “friends” were USING you all along. Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow and that’s why we have so many people on here and the greater 2A community that REFUSE to accept that the ISP are simply “just doing their jobs” the foot soldiers that carry out the gun controller’s mission.

    Gays for Palestine
    Chickens for KFC
    Cows for Burger King
    Pro-lifers for 9 month abortions
    and yes………..

    1. Yeah, lets not forget the “in-depend” ants that have no “representation” (other than the democRATS their representatives vote with 99.9% of the time) that denigrate voters that oppose the democRATS 24-7/365.
      Your “one-note refrain” is worse than “trite”, try posting something positive once in a while, Travus. Everyone knows your hatred of law enforcement, especially ISP, just my humble opinion.
      Lets add: Independents for Marxism to your imbecilic “list”.

      Travis = in depend ANT FOR MARXISM!

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