God bless Dan Caulkins for exploring every avenue for his case against the PICA gun and magazine ban.  Dan is jazzed that SCOTUS might, underline might, issue some injunctive relief as the case is pending.  Others in the YouTube-asphere are trying to clickbait people into thinking something is here that is not.

Yes, the State of Illinois declined to file a response as requested by SCOTUS.  Yes that means, to some degree, that the state doesn’t dispute Mr. Caulkins’ facts in the case.  Or, perhaps better stated, that Kwame is choosing not to respond to them.

The bottom line, as I wrote Friday, “If you’re hoping they [SCOTUS] will issue a preliminary injunction blocking the state from enforcing it [the PICA law], well, you better not hold your breath.”

Not only do I stick by that, but Mark Smith over at Four Boxes Diner (and OUTSTANDING YouTube channel, even if his ALL CAPS titles are OFTENtimes a little sensationalistic) did a great job explaining, candidly, why the Caulkins’ case is going nowhere.

Just thought I’d share the latest info I’ve seen on this.

One thought on “More on the Caulkins appeal to the US Supreme Court”
  1. So we have law, a SCOTUS majority and the USC on our side, but we can’t win. Gotcha.

    Postings like this one are why I rarely come here anymore for gun news. Unconstitutional gun laws are being overturned all over America by Federal court after Federal court, but not in Illinois. PICA is so clear-cut unconstitutional under Bruen that even fatass himself has said publicly that he only gives it a 30% chance of surviving legal challenge. ACB didn’t even have to docket the case, and certainly didn’t have to ask for arguments on an accelerated scale. She did, however, and it stands to reason she has an interest in what is happening here.

    Why not just turn your guns in if you’ve already conceded defeat? Nothing personal, but your attitude BLOWS on this. I personally could give a shit less what some dude with a video blog says, as if he is the final arbiter of what SCOTUS may do. Maybe you are ready to tank the FOID card case too, because there’s a chance we might lose. Since you have clearly given up, everyone who hasn’t is clickbait. Got it.

    If this is an example of your fighting best, then I wasted my money as a supporter of GSL. This site has become a total buzzkill and a waste of mouse clicks.


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