What is it with these radical leftists?  They’re willing to commit violence to further their political beliefs.  Oh wait, that’s fascism, isn’t it?  Take the Louisville, KY kook who took it upon himself to shoot up an office, trying to kill a bunch of people to promote gun control.

Oh wait, not just any people.  He wanted to kill rich white people.

Do you think he picked up his animus for successful white people in college or did he get it in high school.

Either way, he was mentally screwed up before cop bullets helped put him down like a rabid dog.  Good riddance.

From Breitbart:

The journal of [Scumbag’s name redacted], the 25-year-old Louisville mass shooter, has been released by law enforcement and it shows that he targeted “upper class white people” in hopes of securing more gun control.

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department released documents containing entries from [Scumbag’s name redacted]’s journal.

In an April 3, 2023, entry, he cited his frustration over the “climate disaster” and “gun access.”

[Scumbag’s name redacted] wrote, “I have decided to make an impact. But because I was depressed and able to buy (guns?) they are gone. Perhaps this is the impact for change–upper class white people dying.”

2 thoughts on “ANOTHER LEFTIST KOOK TURNED MURDERER: Louisville would-be mass murderer’s ‘journal’ shows he targeted ‘upper class white people’ to spur more gun control”
  1. [Scumbag’s name redacted] wrote
    Thank You!
    This is the proper way to identify these sick, inadequate failures of human beings. Do not give them publicity. Do not give them fame, only derision.

  2. LMPD’s final report also revealed that the murderer exhibited AMPLE red flags (mental health). Appears again, family and others, aware, failed to heed the warnings.

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