Happy Thanksgiving from all of your friends, family and fellow gun owners at Guns Save Life.

Yes, posting has been light the last couple of days after we recovered from crunch time and the holiday schedule to get GunNews out.

Here’s a teaser!

A few notables:

Delivery of bulk copies will be delayed a day as they are normally mailed on a Thursday, the day after printing.  This month (and probably next month as well) they will go out on Friday.

Also, the Northwest Chicago meeting will take place on the FIRST WEDNESDAY this month at Prairie House Tavern, 2710 Main St., Buffalo Grove.  Dinner and conversation here at 5:30pm. Program at 6pm-ish.  Parking is readily available at the mass transit train parking lot across the street (after 5pm there’s no charge).  Quincy’s meeting will also take place this coming Wednesday!

Other meeting changes/cancellations because of the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays:

November / December

Sangamon County GSL will take place at the Air Combat Museum­, 835 S. Airport Dr. Springfield. Bring your friends and family to see this privately owned museum and its vintage aircraft. And enjoy a great meeting. SCHEELS is unavailable to us in November and December with the holidays. Bring a folding chair or lawn chair please, just in case.

Chicagoland. Our Chicagoland chapter will not meet in November or December because of the holidays.

Quincy. Our Quincy chapter will not meet on the last Wednesday in December because of Christmas/New Year’s. We’ll return in January!

NW Chicagoland. We will meet on the FIRST Wednesday in December because of a scheduling conflict on the 2nd Wednesday.


Sangamon County GSL is cancelled as it falls on New Year’s Day. Have a great Christmas and New Year’s and we’ll see you at SCHEELS on the first Monday in February.

LaSalle. We will have no meeting in January because Jamie’s Outpost is closed. We will return, probably in the last week of February. Watch GunNews and the website for updates.

Lastly, local gunsafe dealer C.O.P.S. in Peoria has 25% off most (if not all) safes in stock.  I stopped by there yesterday and they’ve got some nice ones and the “Year End Closeout” discount makes them very affordable.  And they offer home delivery and installation.




3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! Important news and information re: GunNews this month”
  1. Wishing all a blessed Thanksgiving and all have many things to be thankful for, pray for our troubled country that the terrorists are foiled in their efforts to destroy America as founded and those trying to infringe upon our God given, Constitutionally protected Rights will be defeated by God’s Own Might!

    1. I will second that motion… Happy Thanksgiving to all. Glad to see GunNews is looking great. Can’t wait to get it in the mail or on my travel adventures.

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