So the Illinois State Police Hearing on the Protect Illinois Communities Act.  First thoughts: the annoying buzz and the fact that only Suzanne Bond and a Captain from Illinois State Police as the only people there tells me they aren’t taking the seriously.  The buzzing on the video is a nice “F-You” as well to those who care about this hearing.

This is supposed to provide answers to Illinois residents and organizations seeking answers to dispel vagueness in the law and in the Emergency Rules.

Susan Bond might as well as be a damn parrot.  “Answers to this question can be found on the ISP website on the Protect Illinois Communities Act page.”

In other words, they aren’t dispelling jack poop.

Glenn Sanders of the Mississippi Valley Hunters and Fishermen Association had some great questions and Bond kept tossing out the “Answers to this question can be found on the ISP website on the Protect Illinois Communities Act page.”

Roger German had a long letter read into the record.  It was very unmemorable and largely irrelevant to the discussion in play.  They aren’t going to litigate this in a hearing, sir.

Well, Bond has now apologized repeatedly for not being able to read their FAQs and the law itself…

Brad Halbrook did a nice job trying to nail them down and they squirmed.  Brad, they’re not going to return any seized guns if the law is ruled unconstitutional.  Those guns will be destroyed.

Josh Witkowski from the Illinois Federal for Outdoor Resources tried to nail them down on more vagueness.  Bond’s response:  “We tried to make it as expansive as possible…”

He had some great questions…

“I will need you to submit that question in writing.  I don’t know the answer to that question.  I apologize,” she said.

He then slaps her hard over an answer to Glenn Sanders’ written question about extended magazine tubes not being regulated.

Now her new answer has suddenly become:  “I will need you to submit that question in writing.  I don’t know the answer to that question.  I apologize.”

Is an extension tube be considered an accessory as it extends the capacity of the shotgun over five rounds.

This is cringeworthy.  Bond CLEARLY isn’t a gun person.

Witkowski knows his stuff and he’s running circles around her and she’s utterly clueless.

“This is why were asking for clarification,” he said.

New line of questioning:  “Do you have to register parts, if you don’t own the gun?”

Oh, now he’s getting into Airsoft.  “If an individual only has Airsoft devices, does the possession of a forward grip that will also fit on a banned firearm, does that have to be registered as an accessory.”

“That is not our intention…”  Even though the previous question the answer that you must register accessories even if you don’t have the guns.

He hammered her hard and they called time on him to end the verbal beat-down.  Great.  The first guy (in person) with real questions about what’s covered and what’s not and ISP can’t answer the damn questions at a hearing that was specifically held to answer questions.

Another gent shared some good questions about vagueness.  Of course, she didn’t have answers to those questions either.

Magnuson spoke last today!  That’s it?  Four speakers?  It was largely about him, and largely an opinion piece.

People:  this isn’t about your opinion.  This is about getting clarification.

The hearing is over.


17 thoughts on “Illinois State Police PICA hearing in Springfield… quick summary”
  1. no doubt, the law-abiding will have to go unarmed to listen to the commie gun control-dindus

  2. What a wasted opportunity to actually be helpful. It’s almost like the vagueness in this new law is a FEATURE not a bug. And frankly, so is the ISP’s obfuscation on telling the little people what it means.
    The German guy’s letter and the last guy were wasting their breath.

  3. Apparently the parrot had better answers than ISP “representatives”, pretty bird, I had a Double Yellow Head Amazon parrot like that one for many years (1978 to 2012) he died the night that Oblama was “re-elected” for a second term as potus. I still miss the crabby bird, “Tony”.

  4. No real answers were given in a meeting that was held expressly for that purpose. I would hope that they
    would at least read the act and study it a little better before holding a meeting like this. Have an EXPERT on the Act at the meeting that could explain in some detail.
    The meeting only went 50 minutes as it was made difficult for the average citizen that is not familiar with the process to be able to ask any questions or be able to speak at the meeting.
    If you had not registered to speak at the meeting or registered your question days in advance, you were not allowed to speak or ask any questions.
    I went hoping that the ISP would answer some of the questions that people had asked me, but not really getting any true answers to what the ISP consider obvious answers.
    If it were so obvious, why would there be so many questions.
    This meeting was an embarrassment.

  5. I won’t get those two hours of my life back. What a disaster for ISP. They are either Clueless or they’ve been told to pretend to be Clueless. And I love this last comment about the parrot in the YouTube video having better answers than the ISP woman. Agreed.

  6. Having weak minded individuals as mouth pieces, in Leadership positions Susan Bond is the Dept. Of State Police (Senior Public Service Administrator), annual salary of $146,400. Last year, her salary was, (2022) it was $127,000 notice the nice little bump and in (2021) she made, $119,300. That’s a $27,100 increase in two years. So if my math skills are right, in two more year she may have an estimated salary of possibly $200,000. But not be able to answer the public’s concerns about new laws concerning laws that are not only unconstitutional and illegal, but so dangerous to Illinois citizens that own firearms that it could cost them not only their freedoms, livelihood, family but possibly their life in a worst case. But, the government and administration treat this as a comedy show and refuse to acknowledge the reality of its seriousness by even responding with respect and providing truthful and informative answers.

    On the battlefield, Confusion due to poor communication, poor planning, and lack of coordination combined stress and a dash ego by leaders causes casualties.

    This goes way beyond that and I fear Illinois gun owners and citizens are being placed under tremendous stresses not only by ineptness but purposeful disregard for our rights, security and values. With the government feigning ignorance, unwillingness, ignorance, arrogance, disdain, or contempt but failing to amend to its obligations.

  7. Clear as mud. Which is what resides between their ears also. It should come as no surprise that this meeting was a big fat nothing burger. Obvious exercise in futility.

  8. The old John Boch adage, “There’s nothing in Chicago worth dying for” applies here. So I hope to go to the Caseyville meeting/conference/horse guano show. This depends on how well the Chicago meeting/conference/ horse guano show goes. If it’s another practice run of dodge the question I won’t waste my time.

  9. We used to have a sign posted in the Office:

  10. Suzanne Bond is General Counsel for the Illinois State Police. Why isn’t someone from the Illinois Ag’s Office at these hearings? These hearings smell.

  11. God provided us Ten Commandments on 2 tablets containing approximately 65 words (it was the large print edition). Compare that with state statutes containing hundreds of pages, comprised of tens-of-thousands of words (in standard print) and it’s not an outward expectation (set-up) for failure??? Hearing / speaking officials will not commit to any legal interpretations on statutes, or definitions, during any recording so it can’t be used against their position(s) in future litigation.

  12. Where is Senator Jason Plummer? Isn’t he supposed to be there feeling “sympathetic” to the ISP? They probably need a hug. All those mean questions and stuff. That’s what he cares about. “Back the blue the hell with you” is the republican party attitude regarding the ILLINOIS STATE POLICE and he’s driving the bus.

  13. And your word of death?

    Josey Wales:
    It’s here in my pistols and there in your rifles. I’m here for either one.

    I dunno…..

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