What do they call a single guy in Texas with a hundred guns, and lots of magazines to feed them along with lots and lots of gun food?

Easy.  He’s an eligible bachelor.

So why is it that anti-gunners spend so much time projecting their own insecurities or bogeymen on gun owners?  “You like guns because you have a small penis,” they might say.  If that was so, why are snub-nosed revolvers hot sellers?  Is that why women and minorities are the biggest buyers of defensive firearms in recent years?

Here’s the whiny little gun-hating harridan’s post:

What’s more, after posting her little small-minded and bigoted post, it looks like she’s spent the whole day watching the comments to rebut them all.  It must be nice to have nothing better to do with your time and energy.

How nice collections start:  with that first gun!

Do you remember your first couple of gun purchases?  I remember mine.  My first was a Ruger 10/22 purchased when I was 13-years-old.  My dad said he would buy it if I got a perfect score on my hunter safety test.  I missed one.  So I had to use my own savings to buy the gun from Walmart for about $65 with tax.  Of course, that’s back when you could buy a brick of good .22s for $9.90.

I went through a lot of bricks, mostly making noise.  How many?  I’m not exactly sure, but I wore the firing pin down to the point it wouldn’t reliably shoot.  A new firing pin and a Chief AJ accurizing job and it shoots like a dream with good ammo.  Use crap ammo (like the cheap bulk packs) and you’ll struggle to shoot Rifleman.  Use good ammo like CCI Minimags or Federal AMM-22s and shooting the Rifleman’s standard isn’t that challenging.

The first defensive gun I purchased came after watching Lethal Weapon.

When I turned 21, I saw the Beretta 92 on sale and bought it.

I wasted a lot of money learning bad habits with that gun.

Then I went to Lethal Force Institute with Mas Ayoob.  I went in shooting okay.  After the class, I came out shooting better with my left hand than I went in shooting with my right.  My qualification score was 299/300 which was good enough for third place.  (Jim Hagearty was there… enough said.  He was one of the 300s.  He later became one of my role models as an young instructor.)  If I hadn’t pulled a single round, it would have been the best target in the class… even better than Ayoob’s.  If only.

From there, I began accumulating.  And then I had my first damn boating accident.

Yep.  I was on that boat.  Yes, I took that picture.  Destin, FL.

They never found all the guns or the ammo.  Or the magazines.

But even after thirty-plus years of collecting and accumulating, my hats off to the guy in the featured photo at the top.

6 thoughts on “AN ELIGIBLE BACHELOR: A rabid anti-gunner calls an impressive collection a ‘mental illness’”
  1. Always thought the regular talk of boating accidents was just that, talk
    That must have been a fun experience.

  2. That “spread” reminded me of the hotel bedroom scene between Horrigan and Raines in the movie In the Line of Fire, after Raines was called back to work.

  3. Very nice collection. The frustrated, self loathing liberals love to use the compensating for a small penis argument. They have nothing but insults because they have no facts, a feature of the mental illness they suffer. A good reply to that is… ” I did have a small penis until I had that extension surgery and ballon / bladder thing put in. it cost me a fortune in specialist doctor bills but now I could get a job as the 3 legged man at the circus freak show. Now I compensate for my small gun collection with a huge penis. ” keep a straight face the whole time.

  4. Not only is it a lot of guns, but it’s a lot of awesome guns. Not many wooden stocks, which is good. Impressive.
    Dems, I mean libs making fun of people with big gun collections? To hell with the haters. They’re garbage people saying garbage things.

  5. I see no problem with the collection, I admire the collection. I would caution against putting your collection on any social media. WTF? No one thinks about their security or putting out intelligence for the guv’ment. THIS SHIT IS OUT THERE FOR ALL TO SEE !!!! For God’s sake man, use your brain matter !

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