Greg Bishop has left WMAY’s morning show and is doing an online show now in the mornings on YouTube.  Yeah, I know.  YouTube, not Rumble.  Maybe that will change.  In the meantime, if the last two days are any indication, this is going to be a “must watch” or listen to for gun owners wanting to catch up on the latest in the court (and public opinion) battles on Illinois’ gun & magazine ban.

Greg’s doing a great job as a journalist covering the story and even the dirty details that his fellow brethren in the mainstream media just can’t bring themselves to cover…  like the 50% decline in the number of people registering guns in Week 2 of the gun registration period compared to the first week.  This especially when everyone thought the registration compliance rate would ramp up during the twelve-week period it’s open.

And the especially pathetic compliance rate of .0669%.

Open these up and listen to them while you’ve got windshield time or while you’re eating your lunch.  They’re a good listen!

And “subscribe” to his channel.  He also posts clips throughout the day.

Thursday’s show:

Friday’s show: