Holy smokes, Batman.  JB Pritzker planned to claim that 78% of Illinois FOID holders complied with the gun registration scheme on about December 5th.  Yeah, the scheme was drawn up among Pritzker and his inner circle in a planned effort to gaslight gun owners into thinking their fellow FOID holders were all dutifully complying with the gun registry scheme.  At the rate things are going, JB will be lucky to get .78% compliance by Week 9.

Yes, Week 1’s compliance rate was .0434%  (1050 of 2,415,481 FOID holders).

Like most, we expected gun registrations to accelerate as we get closer to the end of the year deadline, but they’re actually slowing down.

While the state got 1050 gun owners to comply in week one, only an additional 568 gun owners registered their stuff.  Which gives a total compliance rate of .0669%

That’s not even 7 of every 10,000 gun owners.

Let’s say things pick up back to Week 1 rates of an average of about 1050 per week…  if that happens the state will still see a compliance rate of less than one half of one percent.

Clearly Land of Lincoln gun owners aren’t impressed with the Governor’s demands to register their popular self-defense firearms.

15 thoughts on “OMG IT’S BAD: Illinois State Police release Week 2 Gun Registry Compliance Stats… They’re up to .0669% compliance!”
  1. Tissue, please. I’m just sobbing about this. In fact, I’ll probably cry three more times today into my Big Bubba filled with soy milk.
    JB Pritzker can go get bent.

    1. That’s priceless. I am going to use that. Soy milk in my Big Bubba. Lmao. I have a big bubba too. Soy milk, not so much.

  2. I wonder if our tyrants will ram through even more penalties for non compliance during the fall veto session.

  3. I can’t believe that there were 1618 people who willingly provide their info to the state!

  4. Yikes, noncompliance of a horse shit law?? Why of course! Lately as we have seen. Disarmament may not go exactly as planned. Cause that’s all this is. But remember, these are just “common sense laws”. More like nonsense laws.

  5. I’m surprised it’s this low. In a state with this many sheep voting for Marxist filth or sitting home on election day you’d think the numbers would be higher, I mean the vast majority of Illinoisans LOVE LOVE LOVE more taxes, more rules, and much less liberty and they vote that way over and over again. Did Richard “Seat at the table” Pearson and the Fudds at the ISRA register their stuff ? They should because they help make shit like this possible. Let’s encourage every gun owning Dummycrat we can to register their items. Their votes helped make all this possible so they should continue being good little cuckolds and register their stuff.

    1. Thanks for calling out ISRA. They need it!! And everyone please, all FOID holders, keep the registration numbers LOW!!! The Brownshirts need to realize that “just doing their job” to enforce this crap is like the state banning flies, rabbits, birds and mice. It’s just not going to work. The quantity is far too high and the few that actually give a shit are far too low. You can’t save the Titanic with a gallon bucket and the dummy that tries looks like the fool that they are.

    2. The ISRA is just as worthless as the NRA. I haven’t given up my life membership in either. This enables me to at least make my voice heard in these orgs.

    3. No argument about ISRA. Or I$RA like some used to call them. They used to brag about having six or seven lobbyists in Springfield. That gave us red flags, foid “reform” and God knows what other foul-ups.
      I see lately they brag of having THREE lobbyists in Springfield. A step in the right direction! I would say that they should keep going down to zero.

  6. I think the compliance percentage is never going to be very high, because many of us do not own the items required to be registered anyway. Comparing registrations against the FOID count doesn’t work.

    1. Many of us own pump shotguns. These can be easily converted to hold “too many” rounds. An overzealous prosecutor might open people’s eyes to what’s actually covered under this obscene law.

  7. I’m disgusted that even one citizen of The People’s Republic of Illinois registered a modern sporting rifle, a shotgun, or any accessory for such firearms. This is America. We don’t register our guns!

    1. You served on a jury lately? There’s a whole lot of statist shitlibs in our state.

  8. To say the 50% decline in participation is “troubling” for fatass and his “gun control jihadist” buddies is an understatement. People just aren’t registering them guns. Contempt? Yes indeed.

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