You can think WirePoints for doing some simple research on the intersection of gang violence and homicides in Chicago intersect with the Chicago Public School system’s utterly failure to educate young people.

We’ve said it before:  Young people who can’t read, write and do basic math have little to no hope of getting a decent job, buying their own place, getting married and raising children, having a career and becoming productive members of society.

Instead they end up wearing handcuffs if they’re lucky.

Take these two as an example of this:

They can’t even read “four hundred dollars.”  Which apparently is what they have between them.  $400?   If that’s their idea of hitting the big time, they obviously have never paid a rent payment, car payment, or paid the utilities.

Anyway, illiterates like those two who can’t read or do math are doomed from getting good jobs with which to rent a residence, get married and raise a family to become productive members of society.  The only thing these kids can see is the seductive gang lifestyle of money, drugs, guns and sex.

A willingness to use violence, even cruel violence, is the currency of prestige among their peers.

Which, along with all of Chicago’s other problems that give violent criminal predators a green light to rape, rob and pillage their way across Chicago, give that city the nickname of Murder City USA and Robbery City USA.

These include a demoralized, restricted police (including their no pursuit policy), a miserable 5% arrest rate for serious crimes, the bulk of crimes going unreported, high priority 911 calls (when answered) that have no police available to respond, Soros-funded prosecutors who don’t prosecute and soft-on-crime judges all add up to effectively a 1% chance of getting caught and punished for committing serious crimes.

But the driving force to gang recruitment is young people who can’t read and write.

And WirePoints did the research that shows just how bad things are in Chicago’s highest-crime neighborhoods.

Here’s their story:

There’s a good reason why Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis-Gates sends her son to a private school instead of the public one in her community. At Harlan Community Academy, the school Davis-Gates’s son would have attended, only 5 of every 100 students were proficient in reading in 2022. The Roseland community is a dangerous place, too – 28 people were killed there last year.

Roseland is one of the 20 worst communities in Chicago where violence and a dismal education intersect, creating a toxic environment for families. Many of those communities experience dozens of murders yearly and have schools where the percentage of children that can read or do math at grade level is in single digits.

That leaves most parents with only three options: Suffer in the current system, hope for school choice before it’s too late or flee the city entirely.

Option one is intolerable, but sadly unavoidable for a majority of parents. Option two is unlikely given Gov. J.B. Pritzker and his supermajority allies are likely to kill the state’s only school choice program in the next month. So expect more parents to do what they’ve been doing for years: flee. CPS’ student population has declined 25 percent in the last two decades – a drop driven overwhelmingly by disappearing black families.

Wirepoints’ list of worst-off communities is, unsurprisingly, highly concentrated on the South and West sides. We first ranked the communities by their total number of homicides and then calculated average reading and math proficiencies across each community’s schools. The data comes from the Chicago Police Department and the Illinois Report Card.

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s home neighborhood of Austin was the city’s #1 homicide hub last year, with a total of 48 murders. As for student outcomes, only 7 in 100 students last year could read at grade level on average in Austin-area schools. In math, it was just 3 in 100.

The community of South Shore, with 42 murders, was the 2nd-worst homicide hub. The educational results were just as bad as in Austin.

And West Garfield, rank #7, is notable for suffering 28 murders among only 17,000 residents. That’s a sky-high homicide rate of 161 per 100,000 residents, second highest among the city’s 77 communities. That’s far higher than the 74.3 per 100,000 homicide rate in New Orleans, the nation’s homicide capital. (Homicide rates are often shown per 100,000 in population to allow for apples-to-apples city comparisons across the country.)

What should be clear is that there’s very little hope for the families living in these communities. Tens of thousands of children – if not a hundred thousand – are being left behind each year.

Go read the whole thing.

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  1. They left out the fourth option-home schooling. It may not work for all families, but it certainly works for many. It may require some sacrifice, but isn’t that what we do for our children?

    1. The saddest part of the home-schooling option is that the “parents” (aka: baby-daddy, baby-momma) are just as illiterate as the offspring because the “education professionals” (aka: teacher’s union participants) are, for the most part, only interested in salary and benefits of the position, sad to say. The “chillins” enrolled in public schools have little to no discipline at home so behave as little monsters and make the “educational experience” for all miserable.

  2. Moved out of the west side years ago. Best decision ever. Nothing is worth losing a family member to some knuckle dragging scum who wants their car or phone while the kids sit in a shitty school and if your lucky all you have to worry about is getting out of a murder charge for killing an attacker. Fuck that, get out that stinking garbage can of a city before you end up with a lifetime of regret.

  3. Black culture didn’t used to tolerate this nonsense. And that was back when blacks didn’t have real educational opportunities. Of course that was when blacks, like most others were nuclear families. With dads.

  4. Them two in that video are going to cure cancer and help us treat infectious diseases. Hell, they might even discover a couple of new classes of anti-biotics in their spare time.
    Once they learn how to read, “four hundred dollars you stupid morons.”

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