Do you remember this glittering jewel of mediocrity?  Byron Sigcho Lopez.  He’s the Chicago alderman who demanded FEWER police in his ward.  Well, he got his wish.   He’s got a lot fewer cops in his district.

People re-elected this slow-wit communist.  However, Byron the brain didn’t have the foresight to see what would happen.

Birds of a feather… BJ and BS.

Gangs have filled the void.

You folks voted for this guy.  You’re getting what you voted for… gooder and harder.


3 thoughts on “GOOD & HARD: Byron the Bozo Chicago Alderman wanted fewer cops in his ward… Now he’s got gangs brandishing rifles on the streets instead of cops”
  1. Par for the course in Chi-town. Low-info voters elect low-info pols. The pols get rich and everyone else gets worse off. Uck F’em.

  2. Let me guess… his “real” job involves working for government, right? Probably a CPS grad with thinking skills like this. What a douche. But I bet he’s got a gun or three!

  3. Did they? Did they really vote for him? I mean, I’m sure some did, but to assume that elections–especially Chicago elections–are legitimate is pretty hard to swallow anymore.

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