Nowhere is safe in Chicago as law-and-order continue to decline.  Some places though carry an extra high level of the potential for a full-auto gunfire both coming and going.

Not sure why it took into now for word to come out, but Chicago PD have identified four spots in town with a high likelihood of spontaneous gunfire in America’s largest open-air shooting gallery.

So just like tornado chasing, if you’re running a tourist operation with armored vehicles looking to experience the joy of watching a live shootout between gangs, these are great places to hang out.  Whether or not you charge extra for shooting back at the baddies is another story.

From CWB Chicago:

Gang hot spots

In late July, Chicago police officers were warned about four North Side gang hot spots that the department had identified as being ripe for retaliatory shootings between Gangster Disciples in Rogers Park and the Wicked City faction of the Black P Stones street gang to the south.

1) Ardmore to Granville, Broadway to Sheridan
2) Morse to Juneway, Clark to Sheridan
3) Foster to Lawrence, Broadway to Sheridan
4) Montrose to Lawrence, Broadway to Clark