US House Democrats avoided Tuesday’s US House Judiciary Committee hearing in Chicago.  In fact, they avoided it like the plague.  Even the local pols stayed far, far away.  But ignoring it or boycotting it won’t solve gang violence in Chicago, nor will it save lives.  But it keeps them from getting some mud on their fancy suits, or their wingtip shoes.

From The Center Square:

(The Center Square) – Violent crime in Chicago took the focus of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee with victims’ survivors and retired law enforcement prescribing solutions.

The hearing took place not in Washington D.C., but at the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police hall. Testifying was Gianno Caldwell, a Fox News contributor and someone whose teenage brother was shot and killed in Chicago. He said with the end of cash bail and do-not-chase policies, criminals feel emboldened turning The Windy City into Gotham City…

Democrats did not attend the hearing, some telling the media their focus needs to be on crafting a plan by the end of the week to keep the federal government open.

Really?  Heaven forbid we have a government shutdown.  It’s only peoples’ lives we’re talking about here.

Second City Cop shared this:

    • [Crimesha] Foxx told the Tribune she was not invited to testify at the hearing, which she described as a “clown show” and “an exercise in political theater that came at the cost of the exploitation of the loss of Black and brown lives.”

We don’t think a Republican holds a significant office in Cook County, and hasn’t in three or four decades. In Chicago, it’s even longer – nearly a hundred years.

And in that time, how many black and brown lives have been “exploited?” In this case, we’re using “exploited” as meaning “killed.” Tens of thousands?

Yes, it’s political theater, but it’s a result of democrat policies.

Preach it.

3 thoughts on “DEMS DIDN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT GANG VIOLENCE: US House hearing on Chicago crime boycotted by Dems”
  1. Those shitbirds running Chicago don’t give a damn about blacks or Latinos. They are all about themselves. They have a whole bunch of armed security to keep them safe. I think you said BJ has 149 bodyguards. In Chicago that’s probably needed. Problem is we all need security.

  2. The progs running the Dem party today aren’t the party of my father and grandfather. Hell, John Kennedy wouldn’t have any place in today’s Dems. Crime, caused in part by their ineptitude and hiring a bunch of halfwit patronage staff is their biggest failure. If money solved problems, why is it that the more we throw at problems (or students), the more poorly they do?

  3. Another glaring wake up call for the zombies clopping around the plantation…. THE DUMMYCRATS ARE USING YOU !!!! WAKE UP !!!!! maybe a few more years of misery and murder and they may vote different but I doubt it.

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