Well, that didn’t end well for some lefties that thought they would blockade a busy highway on an Indian reservation in Nevada.  “Disband and get off the highway.  This is a state route.  Otherwise everybody will be arrested if not.  30 seconds.  Send your leader to my truck, let’s talk.  Get off the f*****’ highway.”

37 seconds later, one of the rangers crashes through the anti-oil “environmental” protesters’ barricade, to the horrified shrieks of the road-blocking activists obstructing traffic for miles, potentially endangering lives.  After all, blocking a major thoroughfare in an area like that is potentially a life-threatening obstruction to emergency responders.  As such, it’s effectively domestic terrorism.

The sole ranger puts them at gunpoint, then cuffs the nearest one.  More rangers roll up and in in a few minutes they had arrested the whole bunch of “protesters” then loaded them into the backs of their pickup trucks and cleared their crap off the roadway.

Follow the “Scooter caster” link to get to here for more footage.

Bet those road-blocking clowns don’t come back to Pyramid Lake anytime soon.  Maybe we could send some of our American police agencies to train with the Pyramid Lake Sheriff’s Department.

2 thoughts on “FAFO: ‘We don’t have any weapons! We’re environmental protesters!’ Tribal Rangers show how to deal with highway-blocking ‘protesters’”
  1. Perfect way to deal with adult sized children that have never been taught any kind of manners or respect for others. These “environmental protestors” had a big anti capitalism sign so that let’s us know this is commie scum. These idiots used a vehicle to haul the trailer, the junk they blocked the road with, and their own dumb asses out there and then caused hundreds of vehicles to sit there idling with the a/c running for hours while emitting exhaust fumes but they think they’re helping the environment ??? Typical selfish idiot behavior we always see when dealing with commie leftist scum.

  2. Bill you are on target. Rather than pussyfooting with these spoiled brats and their unicorn and rainbow horsecrap give them a hard dose of reality Speed, surprise and violence of action. No negotiating, commands followed by immediate consequences.

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