A Syrian who came to America as a refugee under President Obama opened fire on Fargo, ND police officers back in July.  Using an AK-style rifle, he managed to shoot down three officers before a fourth officer engaged him.  That fourth officer, Zach Robinson, showed incredible composure and gallantry under fire.  Even more remarkable is that Robinson only had a handgun against a rifle, making his engagement even more remarkable.

In the end, Robinson fired a total of 31 rounds at Mohamad Barakat, 37.

It’s unknown how many rounds Barakat soaked up, but he fought to fight back until Robinson fired the last three rounds, putting at least one of them into Barakat’s grape.  That ended the attack for good.

Barakat just before Officer Robinson helped evacuate his brain housing group of grey matter.

Sadly, even with first-rate paramedics responding moments later as they were already on scene, a 23-year-old rookie officer died of his wounds.

Here’s the video:

More here at the press conference conducted by the North Dakota Attorney General.

But you didn’t see this on the CBS Evening News.  In fact, the mainstream media covered the story heartily.  With a pillow.  Until it stopped moving.

Interestingly, the Fargo PD didn’t have a motive even into the next day.

Yeah, that was a real stumper.

Here’s a newer AP report from July 21.

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — The heavily armed man who ambushed Fargo police officers investigating a fender bender last week likely had a bigger and bloodier attack in mind, with at least two fairs taking place at the time in and around North Dakota’s largest city, authorities said Friday.

Mohamad Barakat killed one officer and wounded two others and a bystander before a fourth officer shot and killed him, ending the July 14 attack.

Over the past five years, Barakat, 37, searched the internet for terms including “kill fast,” “explosive ammo,” “incendiary rounds,” and “mass shooting events,” state Attorney General Drew Wrigley said Friday during a news conference in Fargo, a city of about 125,000 people. But perhaps the most chilling search was for “area events where there are crowds,” which on July 13 brought up a news article with the headline, ”Thousands enjoy first day of Downtown Fargo Street Fair.”

Had Officer Zach Robinson not killed Barakat, authorities said they shudder to think how much worse the attack might have been. All evidence suggests that Barakat came upon the traffic crash by “happenstance” and that his ensuing ambush was a diversion from his much bigger intended target, Wrigley said.

“The horrible winds of fate sometimes,” he said. “Those events fell into place and fell into his path.”

On the day of the attack, the downtown fair was in its second day and was less than 3 miles (5 kilometers) from the crash scene. It’s unclear if it was the intended target, though, as Barakat also searched for information on the Red River Valley Fair, which was just a 6-mile (10-kilometer) drive from the scene, the attorney general said.

But our fine betters in Springfield can’t imagine why good guys would need more than 15 rounds in their handgun magazine.



5 thoughts on “Harrowing Bodycam footage from Fargo ND shows police officer annihilating Syrian ‘immigrant’ who just mowed down 3 cops, killing 1 [VIDEO]”
  1. We have enough problems with Americans born in this country to American parents. Why do we continue to import these scumbags ? I have been told by these asshole politicians and their brain dead asshole supporters it is because “…it is who we are.” Stop ALL immigration now, round up and kick out every illegal including these ‘DACA’ mopes. Right….here in IL the government is allowing these ass clowns to be police officers. Our country is doomed.

    1. You are correct but just watch these Republicans who voted against allowing non-citizens to become cops will turn around and “back the blue” for them too. Just like they voted against the “assault weapon” law then turn right around and support the ISP who will carry out the witch hunts against citizens. It’s kind of like the GOP saying they oppose what is being produced in a factory then turn around and provide the trucking services to distribute those products. At the end of the day, they weren’t so opposed to what the factory was producing after all. They ENABLED it! Actions speak louder than words ever do.

  2. Just imagine if a legal concealed carry holder hit an innocent person going by in a car. They would be held on MURDER charges. Now, let a cop do the exact SAME THING and they’ll get off Scott free and very likely get some award for a hero or something. The cop would get “respect” for taking on the bad guy where the CCW person would get blamed for killing innocent people. See how that orientation is rigged? This is an example of how us subjugated peon citizens are ALWAYS the ones thrown under the bus. Please remember that the Republican Party (Uniparty) is in FAVOR of this setup……..not in favor of you, the peon citizen they claim to represent when the rubber meets the road. As you see with bill HB2722 to further empower Pritzker’s foot storm troopers known as the ISP the Republicans have tipped their hands that they just like the Dems favor the system and the government over and at the expense of the people. This police qualified immunity BS has got to go! BTW

    1. I disagree…. Not exactly, sir. Unless you have an incompetent attorney, you would likely be fine unless you were negligent.

      Great video. Good shoot! Officer Robinson is a national hero!

      Imagine if that Syrian man had applied himself in a productive endeavor instead of radical hate.

  3. Imagine if that piece of human fecal matter had rolled up on the largest church and opened fire on churchgoers or at the local elementary school where there wasn’t an armed and skilled sheepdog present? Good thing the savage had the IQ of a smelly turdlet.

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