By Mike Keleher
I finally saw the movie Sound of Freedom in the theater. Like a lot of people, I have heard a lot of compelling arguments to go see it and yet I did not want to watch child sex abuse on screen. I needn’t have worried. The very eye-opening story is told in a way you know what is going on but don’t have to actually see it in front of you. I urge you strongly to go see it and if you read far enough down the page, I can show you how to even get free tickets. People all across America are talking about the film and the message to help stop slavery and child sex trafficking, especially into America.

This is a very powerful and moving film about child sex trafficking through the true story of a U.S. Homeland Security Special Agent. Homeland Security and a variety of other federal, state and local agencies combat child pornography and pedophiles online. As a retired federal agent, I can tell you a day where you arrange a meeting and bag up a pedophile who thought they were going to meet a child for sex- is a pretty good day in any policeman’s life. These deviants are always so eager to consummate their evil ways they even show up early to get arrested! (A nice break from drug dealers who are notoriously late or lackadaisical about even basic business practices.)

The” based upon actual events” movie follows the Special Agent on a quest to recover a brother/sister who were snatched by child sex traffickers in South America. The boy was recovered at the U.S. Border while being smuggled and real agent Tim Ballard going off script into Columbia to find and rescue the girl. Very nasty and squalid pictures presented, and he had to go into the jungles of Columbia where Narcos were holding human slaves for sex and processing cocoa leaves. It is chilling stuff when a Columbian policeman tells the movie hero no one can go into the back country to help. Not the federal police, not the Army and not the Marines. Going downriver with no gun seems contraindicated. The hero seems to be all but alone in his heroic endeavors, and I won’t nitpick the number of agencies and international laws that had to be worked with or around in real life. It is a great story.

Every bad guy in the movie has an AK-47 of course and they shoot them often. The damn AK is such a world leader in bad acts. It is peasant level fully automatic operation and fairly indestructible in all kinds of bad weather with minimal care. In one of his books of military fantasy, the Rogue Warrior Richard Marcenko said “The scariest thing in the world is an AK-47 in the hands of a 14-year-old.” He is probably right. They have no conscience at that age.

Gun control in Mexico and South America is very strict of course, and yet seems to not have much impact upon criminals…hmmm where have we seen that before?

As an American tourist, never touch a gun in a foreign country. Mexico in particular has a long memory about American pre-cowboy types invading and trying to overturn their government(s) and they still hold quite a grudge about Americans with guns.

The Columbian CTI unit in black uniforms, M-16’s and M-4’s is a treat to see show up and grab bad guys. I could not find anything about the unit in a quick internet search, and don’t know if it is a real unit, but watch those boys on screen. They do a fine job of muzzle control moving in groups and alternating areas of coverage moving in a stack and I would not be surprised they were a real unit (with some U.S. based training) hired for the film. My only sticking point is the guy holding his M-4 by the grip and using his front hand snugged up to the front of the mag well…but that did get to be a trained thing a few years back in the military-and is an easier grip for shorter people.

At the end of the film there is a “Special Message” by the star Jim Caviezel. Don’t miss it. He sums up the message of the movie and some of the shocking information we all need to know.

Human trafficking is a $150 Billion business in the United States and the U.S. leads the world as a market for child sex largely brought in through Mexico. Pedos don’t have to travel to Thailand anymore for child sex.

Caviezel said the producers of the film want to expose this evil and get it into the spotlight and keep the word moving. Did you know there are more slaves in the U.S. right now than when it was legal? Yes, they are sex slaves.

Oh, and that porous Liberal run border of ours…. it’s not just poor people yearning for jobs, it is a superhighway to import children sex slaves.

At this point, it almost goes without saying every American should see this film, and everyone should keep passing the word about the prevalence of human trafficking to help stop it.

Hollywood kept this film out of the theaters for five years. The producers continued to leap hurdles to get it aired and hoped one day 2 million people would see it. 15 million have attended so far since the 4th of July. It is being talked about by ordinary citizens across backyards and in the workplace. Good people who were previously unaware of the prevalence of such evil.

If you don’t have the money to see the film, I and others, have helped pave your way. You can get FREE TICKETS. The producers want this message to get out so badly they have set up a Pay It Forward type option, and people can donate money ahead so others can get FREE TICKETS to attend. After seeing the movie,I put some money in to keep it moving forward. Go see the movie. It is a tale well told with plenty of guns, drama and action. You can get Free Tickets at

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  1. Based on what I heard, it was Disney (no surprise there) that had the rights to the movie and would not release it for five years. No surprise there.

  2. It’s on my to do list to go see. If worse comes to worse I’ll have my kid downloaded on BitTorrent. Or whatever that torrent s*** is.

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