This morning, the Illinois Supreme Court released their final decision in the state’s appeal of a  Macon County ruling striking down Pritzker’s “Protect Illinois Communities Act” gun ban.  Earlier, a Macon County judge ruled the act unconstitutional on its face, a ruling that the Governor and Attorney General largely ignored for publicity (and Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing) purposes.  However, the ruling did prevent the State Police from conducting enforcement actions against individual gun owners.

With today’s 4-3 decision, that restraint from enforcement goes out the window.  The law is back in full effect and no doubt the Illinois State Police will likely go after a few of the folks who bought guns and magazines as well as a few of the gun shops who continued to sell after the Macon County ruling was handed down.

Justice Rocheford authored the decision.  You remember her, right?

That’s her from DURING last year’s campaign running for the Illinois Supreme Court.  Recall that JB Pritzker (through one of his entities), one of the named defendants in this suit, donated a million dollars to her campaign.  Two of the three other defendants donated something approaching a million dollars as well.  Deets here.

Here’s the meat of their decision:

First, we hold that the exemptions neither deny equal protection nor constitute
special legislation because plaintiffs have not sufficiently alleged that they are
similarly situated to and treated differently from the exempt classes. Second,
plaintiffs expressly waived in the circuit court any independent claim that the
restrictions impermissibly infringe the second amendment. Third, plaintiffs’ failure
to cross-appeal is a jurisdictional bar to renewing their three-readings claim.
Accordingly, we reverse the circuit court and enter judgment for defendants on the
equal protection and special legislation claims…

When asked for comment, Dan Caulkins said, “It’s the finest court money can buy.”

16 thoughts on “BREAKING: Illinois Supreme Kangaroo Court vacates Macon County ruling striking down PICA gun ban, Enforcement starts NOW!”
  1. Rochford earned her bribe and sold out her oath for a few bucks. The others that voted with her are just Marxist activists who dream of a totalitarian police state. Eventually this will be struck down but we have to suffer until that day. Hopefully all the Sheriffs and States attorneys that have vowed to NOT uphold and enforce this garbage continue to stand with us. I also hope the ISP rank and file ( not the biased crooked leadership that live to kiss Pricksters ass ) realize the majority of law abiding gun owners support them and won’t get all Gestapo over this.

    1. What concerns me is the new law that Pritz’puke” signed onto just the other day that allows law enforcement agencies to hire illegal immigrants as policemen…..this is unconstitutional as hell …..these cops will be the “new Gestapo” that we should all be worried about….couple that with August 18th as the day that ALL inmates in the 102 county jails will be unleashed onto the streets …..they say they will still require those who kill someone to post bail, but who knows for sure…..political prisoners will probably be only ones held without bail because they present a “flight risk”….Hitler may have lost the Battle(World War II), but he has won the War and the hearts and minds of a significant majority of Illinois voters……folks…this is getting downright scary, I am seeing way too many parallels between Nazi Germany and what is happening in present day Illinois….as always…..keep your powder dry.

  2. “because plaintiffs have not sufficiently alleged that they are
    similarly situated to and treated differently from the exempt classes” So perhaps rushing to the ISC without going through discovery and creating a record was not as brilliant as some thought. This is exactly what DeVore warned about and the outcome he predicted. There was almost nothing to gain and everything to lose by this stupid move by Caulkins et al.

  3. And to further show what a total joke and 3 ring circus this all is the ISC waits until the day Prize Pig Kamala Harris is arriving to get her stretch mark covered ass kissed by the mentally ill sheep “gun control” groups.

  4. It’s a sad day when two paid off judges walk over the rights of the people with their ruling. Was hoping that corruption would have been held at bay and justice would have upheld the Constitution. When you live in Illinois you more than likely know corruption is all over the state government. Was hoping the lawsuit would end up in the US Supreme Court on a win instead of a loss.

  5. The question for the Republican Party of Illinois is does “back the blue” include the ISP witch hunts against their own constituents as well as non-citizens who will also arrest CITIZENS?
    Your answer is found in the roll call vote of HB2722. It FUNDS this action.

  6. My question was why Caulkins “chose” to do this? I’m guessing Dan will refuse to explain why he chose to do this. I was told that Caulkins made a deal with Kwame. If that’s true, then IMO there’s the reason Caulkins turned on gun owners and gun dealers. Dan must be basking in the glow of pleasing JBP and KR. They were originally working with Tom DeVore which my family hired Tom so Dan screwed us over and I’d like our money back from Dan. Then Dan runs off and does his own thing. Why Dan Caulkins, why did you do this to legal law abiding gun owners? He will never stand up and explain himself. His comment says it all. Just waiting to see what other legislation Caulkins will help Democrats push through. I wouldn’t vote for Caulkins for dog catcher.

    1. Please read the final page it the ruling. The ISC ruled only on the case before it i.e. Caulkins. There is no immediate impact on the DeVore case although I am sure the State will move to dismiss. There is still a possibility of the DeVore case proceeding.

  7. Caulkin’s and the other parrots were already cueing us up for a loss because of the the “bought off” judges. He was just as “bought off” as those judges. Why did Dan even start and hijack a case against the ban?? He could have easily joined Tom’s suit to show his support. Why would he rush the case to supreme court to avoid the discovery that Tom’s case was demanding?
    1. To purposely give case less evidence and a more likely loss.
    2. To avoid uncovering incriminating evidence against most of our Illinois law makers (including Dan)
    I hope this is a wake up call to everyone that many of these good conservative republicans are really wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  8. The only surprise was that the vote was 4-3, with one of the bought off judges dissenting. Putzker definitely did not get his moneys’ worth from her.

    This effort was never going to hinge upon a suit over the Equal Protection clause or Special Legislation rules. This will have to be decided by SCOTUS, since Judge Easterturd hijacked the Appeals process to protect his tainted legacy.

    Unfortunately, this now means we register our guns, move them out of state, or roll the dice. The deadline will come and go long before SCOTUS would ever hear this case, should they decide to take it. The appellate court is going to drag their feet on the Federal action until after registration is required. Only ACB stepping in and injuncting implementation of the law is going to stop it now, and I see that as zero possibility before the Appellate rules. Once ISP has the information, we then become a target for enforcement. That information will never be unlearned or erased. ISP cannot even explain the law or requirements in such a way that will help gun owners not run afoul of the law. What guns do we have to register? Do we have to register handguns or shotguns? All semi-automatics? Magazines? Does anyone really know or understand the requirements? I don’t, and I have read the law about 1/2 dozen times.

    Basically, we are fucked, because the courts are not an effective check against an out of control state legislature and executive. They take far too long to implement decisions. Honest people will suffer behind this inaction. Some may even be killed for non-compliance, because of the short-sighted bullshit inflicted upon legal gun owners. Anyone who has any faith that ISP won’t act like jackbooted thugs with this power at their disposal hasn’t been paying close attention.

    1. There are NO U.S. Constitutional issues in this case. It is thus dead (stare decisis).
      I would query Caulkins why they didn’t raise the 2nd Amendment issues, though. Had they, there might be hope for this case yet.
      But, because they didn’t is no precedent against those who HAVE.
      All-in-all, it was a good shot, and just shows us how lousy the Illinois supreme court really is, and political.
      But hopefully in the next year the Real Supremes will set things straight. You have enough cases going that will ensure that.
      Don’t be too downhearted over this loss. It is Illinois, after all. If we don’t like it, it’s time to move.

      P.S., anyone looking for a lovely brick home?

  9. Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates. Start talking to your sheriffs and county boards. Maybe some of them will find their spines.

    1. Remind them of all the support they received when they promised to NOT house, charge, prosecute, go after, assist in going after law abiding citizens. Nearly every Sheriff and many states attorneys promised to NOT go along. Nothing wrong with politely reminding them of their promise and telling them how much you appreciate and support them ( especially at the next election ).

  10. Ho-hum. Tom Devore is a money- grubbing hack. This case was poorly prepared, similar to an Eral Schieb paint job. The state circuit TRO’s will be next to go.

  11. The more I learn about the Caulkins case, the more it smells.
    Read the comment made by Judy.

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