Tom DeVore has three now-consolidated lawsuits challenging the PICA gun and magazine ban.  This morning, the IL Supreme Court vacated the Macon County ruling that declared the law facially unconstitutional.  So for now, the Illinois State Police can begin enforcement of the law against dealers and individuals.

What about the TRO holders?

I contacted Tom DeVore about this issue late this morning.  He assured me that the TRO remains in effect for his named plaintiffs, HOWEVER, he looks for the state to move soon to have those TROs vacated.  That could happen today.

Mr. DeVore has a YouTube town hall scheduled for tonight to give an update for his clients.  The video is open to all who are interested.

3 thoughts on “What today’s IL Supreme Court decision means for Tom DeVore’s plaintiffs / TRO holders”
  1. So now, on to the Supreme Court. This needs to be done before we have to start submitting information to Pritzker’s illegal gun registry.

  2. NOTICE how the Republicans are saying “kangaroo court” which of course it is, however the elephant in the room is that the Illinois State Police is the agency who will carry out the witch hunts and the one who will take hostages. They’ll call them arrestees because the term hostage indicates a more accurate description and starts pointing out how the GOP’s blind blanket support for police is how a detriment to the Republican narrative. Currently that party backs the blue, not you when given a choice between the two – UNDERSTAND THAT. When police are pitted against everyday citizens the GOP will throw the citizens under the bus every time just like the Dems will throw their everyday citizens under the bus to support Black Lives Matter/Antifa activists who are destroying cities. They are so afraid of being called a racist just like the Repubs are afraid of being called anti-cop. THE PEOPLE suffer for this!!! I WOULD LOVE to see one of the pro-abortion Dems get a bill passed so that the ISP gives free rides to abortion clinics just to see the Republicans tie themselves up in a knot trying to figure out who to piss off less, the pro-lifers or the police. It would be fun to watch. The abortion issue might put a crack in the wall of blanket police support, maybe. The 2A getting trampled on doesn’t bother the Republican Party enough to reconsider their support of the storm troopers who will carry out Pritzker’s mission. It just doesn’t.

    1. Agree completely. ISP is unworthy of our respect. They are nothing more than political cops doing the bidding of our fat piece of shit governor who thinks he will replace Joke Biden as our next Dictator in Chief.

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