Attorney Tom DeVore will join us as our main speaker at our Charleston GSL meeting on Thursday, July 13th.  We’ll hold our regular second Thursday meeting at the U Hotel Conference Center (behind the Brickhouse Restaurant at 920 West Lincoln Ave, Charleston)

Join us for dinner and conversation at 6 and the meeting program will begin at 7.

I sometimes refer to Mr. DeVore as “Bazooka Tom” because he kicks butt and chews bubblegum…  and when it comes to our state’s feckless, would-be tyrannical leadership, he’s fresh out of bubblegum.

DeVore has earned the reputation for some great legal work challenging the status quo in Illinois government. He continues to serve as a burr under the saddle of our state’s leaders and for that, we’re grateful.

He’ll probably give an update on his case and his analysis of where we’re heading on legal challenges to Pritzker’s gun ban and other litigation and potentially legislation as well.

3 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Attorney Tom DeVore Thursday at GSL Charleston!”
    1. It was recorded on Facebook live. Those can be found on the Charleston GSL FB page. There are several minutes of recording before the meeting actually started.

  1. I can’t. That doesn’t mean someone that’s there won’t stream it. Where to though, I don’t know… I’m not that tech savvy.

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