The Wild West has nothing on Chicago.  Nothing.

The Daily Caller put together a number of recent videos from Chicago to show life in the Windy City.  It’s netted just shy of 50,000 views in the past 24 hours.

It’s not pretty.  It is, however, worth the watch.

To watch YouTube age-restricted videos without signing into YT, you can visit this site for some work-arounds.

9 thoughts on “LAWLESS: Life in lawless Chicago gets more national coverage [VIDEO]”
  1. Maybe the ISP could focus on going after this scum rather than gearing up to attack those that will never commit a crime. As usual garbage laws like PICA do nothing to go after those in the video, no gun control ever does. That’s our reminder that stopping crime isn’t the goal of the Marxist regime running Illinois.

    1. ISP has no interest in engaging perps who shoot back with zero remorse. They prefer their victims to be unarmed and helpless. ISP is nothing but a gang of thugs with badges who enforce state edict. If they have to kill an occasional citizen to do so, so much the better. They stopped being cops when they moved into politics and registering guns.

  2. Putzker now calling for a federal gun ban, touting PICA and how successful it is. He obviously doesn’t (or can’t) read HeyJackass!

    This fat piece of feculent shit wants to be POTUS so bad he can taste it. He’s everywhere, like a case of the clap, pandering to any group but legal gun owners.

  3. In Dodge City Kansas, the worst year for murders was 1878. There were five murders that year.

  4. I know this is not the point of the article. Do any of you mugs see anything wrong with the subject of the photo?

  5. How will we ever cure cancer with all these young scholars getting shot down for no good reason by the Poll-eeese?

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