The Second City Cop blog has returned!  We love the SCC blog and the insider information he and his dad provided to tens of thousands of readers each and every day.  

Not only did they give us as Guns Save Life some great snippets now and then, but we also got some other goodies from them privately.

Just today, as a sample of his candid and frank content, he posted this:

MONDAY, JULY 03, 2023

The Candidates

 As we said a few posts down, this list of candidates for supernintendo are decidedly unimpressive.

Some observations:

  • Shon Barnes – former COPA hack, is the token outsider;
  • Donna Rowling – we’re told she doesn’t have a single merit promotion in her background, so once again, the illusion of having someone competent inserted into the process;
  • Angel Novalez – wounded in the line of duty, so he actually saw the street. Likely a wave at a bloc aldercreatures that this committee really really tried to find a qualified Hispanic;
  • Migdalia Bulnes – multiple merit with few accomplishments on her record; Dark horse for first female super that groot didn’t get to do;
  • Ernest Cato III – didn’t he retire? Multi-merit, rumored to be somewhat capable….and somewhat rah-rah for whatever politico needs him to be;
  • Larry Snelling – another muti-merit whose testimony in Federal Court regarding Use of Force interpretations and instruction of same led to some very expensive verdicts.

As we said – unimpressive. A number of better candidates were overlooked and dismissed because Mayor BJ doesn’t need to be overshadowed this early in his tenure.

Speaking of Underwater Cars…

When can we expect a tally of the bill for the NASCAR event? 

We think certain officials were bragging about an economic impact of something in the neighborhood of $130 million. Tying it to the Fourth of July holiday was a stroke of ….what’s the opposite of genius?

Was there rain insurance? Rain checks? Concert make-up nights? And after shutting down a largish portion of lakefront, all of Grant Park and roads in-and-out of the lately deserted city streets, one has to weight the economic losses against the race event that almost wasn’t.

While we were gone, did anyone in the media form an actual investigative unit for these things?

Or is that too much to hope for?

For more coverage that you typically won’t find anywhere else in Chicago, at least when it comes to CPD, visit SCC everyday.  

6 thoughts on “WELCOME BACK, BROTHER! Second City Cop blog has returned!”
  1. I could not be more pleased to see this. Glad they are back, sticking is the ass of mayor BJ.

  2. NASCAR in Chicago is done. NASCAR lost big-time in this gambit. I hope the NASCAR exec’s learned their lesson. Maybe ‘knot’, should you catch my drift…

  3. Yes! SCC is back! So much unhappy for the politicians and liars in Illinois government.
    As for NASCAR (“Turning left for how many decades??”), they really should stick to racetracks. Wonder how much tax money got wasted…and that was before the rain-outs??

  4. For those of you Police that don’t know and bid for the Governmental Uniformed Security Detail last year (NoJoe). The officers who didn’t make the cut were placed on a list. Well the Lt. did away with that list and brought in about five of her people. They probably have a total of fifteen years combined. Everybody knows you needed five years on the job to even apply. Well not one of the Lt. people was even close to five years, so to avoid any grievances she detailed all of them instead of assigning them to the unit, then she’ll grandfather them in at a later date. But yet they are still bitching because when they can’t get volunteers to work overtime, they go by reversed seniority. The PPOs say that’s not fair, even the Lt. getting on the vets. You got three years on the job, and setting on your ass at City Hall on days and still crying. This same Lt. say says you can’t work VRI. She got about 15 cops at Lightfoots house and about 30 at Brandons house but she does’nt want her people working the house. It’s one PPO, who allegedly suppose to have been engaged to Officer Areanah Preston, that’s how Lt. got him his spot, he got three years on the job. And the Officer was not engaged. Someone let me know if that’s a grievance because with that list, because I have 26 years and put in work. I bet money not one of those PPOs ever had a felony arrest, got a gun, dope etc. Dog gone shame what has become of this Department.

  5. Yeah I heard something about that too a while back. I heard there was suppose to be some type of investigation . Man when I had three years on the job, I was happy just to have a regular partner.

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