On Thursday, June 29th, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals heard our appeal seeking to restore the preliminary injunction issued by Judge Stephen McGlynn from the Southern District of Illinois federal court.  First off, let me be more specific, a three judge panel heard the appeal.  It was almost the worst possible panel when it comes to the pro-gun side.  How could it have been worse?  How about all three of the panelists rabidly anti-gun?

Among the panel:  Frank Easterbrook, the kooky jurist who wrote one of the earlier decisions affirming the state’s right to ban common self-defense firearms like America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15.  He’s the same justice who went outside the normal channels to stay the preliminary injunction issued by Judge McGlynn.

Who else?  Diane Wood, who wrote the “interesting” and well-thought out dissent in the decision.  Watch these from Todd Vandermyde to learn more about just how rabidly anti-gun she is.


I’m not hip on Justice Brennan, but he did ask some very critical questions of the State’s representative.  He was brutal at times.

In short, we lose.  Expect the decision to be slow-walked.  Expect a decision that goes against gun owners and the Bruen decision.  Easterbrook, the geeky misfit with the really big ego that thinks he should have been nominated to the US Supreme Court, and Wood, a gun control jihadist, don’t care about what Bruen said.  They’ll try to craft the 2-1 decision to kinda-sorta re-write the Bruen decision and see if the US Supreme Court will take the case.  My guess is they’ll play the odds that SCOTUS turns away the appeal as they do with 99.9% of cases submitted for appeal.

  1. So, what’s the over/under on getting a (favorable) final decision from the federal courts before year’s end? This was all about the injunction, right? Is it really game over until next calendar year after the ban penalties kick in?

  2. Not to sound like a aluminum foil beanie wearing nut, but did Pritzker and the Democrat Gun Confiscation Mob know the fix was in?

  3. So we are done. PICA stands, and we are fucked. Well, it was nice being a free nation while it lasted. With this news, I see little point in continuing to follow this daily, since it is clear we have no further recourse but to submit to the will of the communists.

    1. Can arms be transferred to a trust and in order to avoid the PICA requirement that persons declare their “assault” weapons by 12/31?

  4. Just how does two judges that have ruled against the injunctions get to set on a panel to see if their rulings were correct ?
    What utter BS .

    1. Illinois is officially the most corrupt state in the US. Anything that Chicago touches is diseased. The fix was in on this the second they consolidated under the Northern District.

  5. So if SCOTUS turns away our appeal, we wait until one of the other big cases makes it to SCOTUS? Is there another case more tasty than ours for them to bite?

  6. PS: Also curious about your pessimism beyond the 99.9% comment. This is a blatant thumbing of the nose at the NYSRPA decision. Plus ACB was motivated enough to step in to wag a finger at the 7th. Seems like we got way better than 0.01% of a chance here.

    1. I took it to mean that Mr. Boch has given up. So have I. It is 100% clear to me that we will be either registering our guns with the assholes at ISP, or become felons. There will be no relief by the due date. We can’t even get a fucking injunction to stand so the courts can do a proper considered review, and stop the clock. If you were some freak of nature that cuts off his plumbing and declares that you are a lollipop, you would be granted an injunction at the slightest hint that someone offended you for any reason. Law abiding gun owner? GFY, peasant. We want your guns, and we will ignore every legal precedent to get them.

      You and I have been targeted to pay for the sins of the gangland blacks and mental degenerates that don’t pack the gear to own guns. Since the state cannot risk offending either protected class, we will have to surrender our rights.

  7. Question for the legal beagles. Can a person create a trust and transfer their arms to the trust and thereby avoid declaration of their “assault” weapons by 12/31? Also, how could a person transfer their arms to a trust without disclosing specific items; a vaguely worded declaration with no specific items since the doc would likely be filed with the county?

  8. Don’t be dismayed, fellows. It ain’t over til KK[K’]s wife sings!
    The Supreme Court meant what it said in Bruen, trust them on that. If ANOTHER case has to go before the court this soon after it, someone is going to get their arses reamed, and how! This is a very serious matter in the courts.
    And the 7th Circus has been reversed before – not quite so often as the 9th, but plenty often nevertheless.
    The 9th was just reversed in a phenomenal “takings” case in the Supreme. The matter had gone to a 3-judge panel, then the whole court, en banc. The majority in the en banc opinion did what a-holes typically do and the dissent could not have been more DIRECT: They said “c’mon, you clowns! This is DEAD WRONG, and you know it and why must this go to the Supremes to SHOOT US DOWN and make us look STOOPID again!” And the SUpremes did. Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid.
    Just be thankful our founding fathers were WHITE MEN who understood ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY intimately and devised a system that corrects itself and, when it does not, allows for the means of throwing a good ol’ fashioned tea party. And ain’t, gentlemen, the 2nd Amendment just about that? It’s not about hunting deer. It’s NOT really about self-defense. It’s about the REVOLUTION they had JUST thrown.
    THe process stinks, as does making sausages, but let it play out. If the 7th does the WRONG thing, and we all understand the 2nd Amendment AND Bruen, the Supremes will get it right. You don’t think the GENIUSES on that court laid the foundation in Heller, then McDonald, followed up with the cherry on top, Bruen, only to have the “LOW” courts disregard their authority, do you? And it was all part of Scalia’s plan, GOD REST HIS SOUL, and damn whoever murdered him in his sleep. Scalia was pure genius, and laid a very subtle, gentle foundation for the dismantling of the liberal system, and thankfully Thomas is around to see it through.
    And, of course, GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP (whatever his shortcomings) for the CONSERVATIVE APPOINTMENTS HE MADE. That is ENOUGH to see him elected again. He may accomplish NOTHING but conservative appointments but, in the end, that may be enough.
    Give it time. I know the 7th Circus sucks ass, but the Supremes know what they’re doing, and it’ll be 6-to-3 for the next ten or twenty years at least. ON EVERYTHING>
    And it’ll be so pleasing to see the “wise Latina” rayciss beyotch sonia sotooooomajooororrrrrrr writing unintelligent, poorly-reasoned, hateful dissents for the rest of her miserable life.

    1. The Wide Latina is a constitutional scholar compared to Assclown Ketanji Brown. Read her latest missive from the AA decision yesterday. She is clearly a publik scrool gradjiate who couldn’t form a cogent thought if it were handed to her to read. Like everything else pushed by the communists these days, she(?) checked some DEI boxes, and nothing more. The chance that she will ever render a decision based upon anything but skin color is zero.

  9. Since the state passed a law that challenges to them can only happen in Sangamon and Cook Counties then under the can’t have your cake and eat it too doctrine their laws being challenged are only enforced in those too counties as well? Here’s .02 cents for trying to make sense around here.

  10. OK, so what have we got brewing at the state level? Does Devore have a chance? If Devore can win on his technicality, wouldn’t that happen before January 1? That could buy us some time. And what about Caulkins? Strange things happen. SCOTSOIL could rule in Caulkins favor just to screw the federal case.

    1. In a 5-2 Illinois Supreme Court with two anti-gun judges purchased by JB Puffenstuff for the low price of 2m dollars? Not one chance in hell. The fix is in at all levels in Illinois, including the Federal courts sited here. If Illinois has a hand in it, it is corrupt.

  11. If John Boch has given up, it is news to me. He is just being realistic here. He could lie and tell you what you want to hear as some others have done, but he is too much a man of integrity to do that. I expect we will lose here too, but I expect SCOTUS to take it up. There are too many states giving the finger to NYSRPA v. Bruen. This is too important to let go. I don’t think a loss here ends our options. The Federal courts still have cases that should go our way.
    PICA itself is poorly written, impossible to implement and will be ignored by most if the brace rule is an accurate indication.

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