“That’s my son!” shrieked a woman in Rantoul moments after her kid ran from police with an illegal gun, then got shot after he ignored police commands.  If only mama had been a little more involved in her ne’er-do-well son’s life providing better parenting in the minutes, days, weeks, months and years before that moment he took his last breath in a stranger’s driveway, tired from running from the police.

And if Jordan Richardson, 18 and old enough to know better, worked that hard at a real job!

Moments earlier, the punk exited the car and bolted.  He disregarded (disrespected?) the officers commands to stop, drop the gun and so forth as he ran for it.  He didn’t make it far before a Rantoul Police sergeant cut him off.

He dropped the gun for the fourth and final time after taking a slug in the chest from the police officer.


And from there he died right there saving taxpayers a fortune in prison costs and saving untold numbers of innocent people victimization and maybe even death at the hands of this guy.

If his mom had only taught him right from wrong, to respect authority figures like teachers and police, and not commit crimes for the living.  If she had only done all that, Jordan might be heading off to college this fall to pursue a degree in something useful.  Or maybe if he had only joined technical training in the trades.

Instead he slug dope and ran around with a Glock with a happy stick magazine (and maybe a full-auto switch as well).

From the video description at YouTube.

Prior to Sergeant King shooting, police officers issued eight warnings to Jordan Richardson to either “stop” or “drop the weapon.” The handgun in Richardson’s possession of was reported stolen from Colorado Springs, CO on May 20, 2023 McKown was arrested on multiple charges including Unlawful Use/Possession of a Weapon and Delivery of Cannabis. McKown struck Officer Wissel in the face, causing minor injuries that require further medical attention. Officers located two loaded handguns inside the vehicle, a large amount of cannabis packaged for delivery, and a large amount of currency.

A couple of aspiring street pharmacist gang bangers got nabbed.  One was reformed with zero chance of recidivism.  Rantoul will be a better, safer place for it.

Great job to Rantoul PD and to Sgt. King in particular.  We’re glad you’re safe and unhurt.  And we thank you for keeping Rantoul residents safe.  If there’s anything we can do for you, just ask.

8 thoughts on “HE’S DEAD JIM: Rantoul dope-dealing bad guy won’t drop his stolen gun during police chase so police drop him… [VIDEO]”
  1. Former firefighter of sixteen years here.

    I’m shocked, shocked to find there’s gambling going on ………… Wait, that’s another movie!

    I’m surprised, though perhaps I should not be, to find that the cops, lately, are courteously waiting 2-3 minutes before attempting to staunch the loss of blood and begin chest compressions on those they shoot. That’s rawther convenient timing so that they BLEED OUT COMPLETELY or, as them’s says in de medico bidness, EXSANGUINATE.

    D’ya think there’s anything to it or do I need to tilt my tinfoil hat?

    1. Who cares what YOU do unless its GO AWAY! Your snide comments fit your lack of personality.

  2. Can’t blame it all on the mother. What about the father? Absent as usual?

  3. How are we ever going to cure cancer and homelessness if our greatest scholars keep getting shot by cops for helping handicapped old women safely navigate crossing a busy street?

    To Ken above… i’m all for providing CPR to wounded bad guys. Helps with the blood loss. It looks good to witnesses too.

  4. Put the more holes in, put the more fluid out, ya do the hokey pokey….

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