Chicago scored more national publicity for a Christmastime homicide cops have tied to Fred Taylor, 24.  Taylor was out on electronic monitoring for a stolen motor vehicle and aggravated fleeing.  News of his arrest and his “electronic house arrest” barely made a blip locally.  Why?  He was the 59th person who either killed or tried to kill someone in Chicago last year…  while out on affordable bail.

CWB Chicago has the original story:

CHICAGO — Three days before Christmas, Marcus Robinson was walking along the 7100 block of South Woodlawn when a stolen Hyundai pulled up next to him and five men got out with guns.

All five men, using eight guns, fired more than 39 rounds at Robinson, killing him, officials said. He was 24.

On Thursday, prosecutors filed murder charges against one of the men they believe was among the gunmen, Fred Taylor, 24.

Taylor was on electronic monitoring for a pending stolen motor vehicle and aggravated fleeing case at the time of the shooting. He is the 59th 60th person accused of killing or shooting—or trying to kill or shoot—someone in Chicago last year while having a felony case pending. At least 104 people were allegedly victimized in the crimes, and 28 died.

4 thoughts on “CHICAGO MAKES NATIONAL NEWS, AGAIN: Cops say thug out on electronic monitoring killed man at Christmas”
  1. Gee, must be easy to solve crime in Chitcago, just round up all criminals on “house arrest” and their associates. Would that be “profiling”, or “racissss”? You bet!

  2. How bout this one:

    Run this by your favorite concealed carry instructor!

    1.the attack was, while unprovoked and unjustifiable, OVER.
    2.there was no more threat to big mama. was not imminent death or great bodily harm, it was a punch in the face.
    4.the killer was a 14yr old kid with a gun!!!!
    5. Mama ordered the execution.
    6.soros’ gal doesn’t think she can get a conviction.

    I had to deal with a recent case in another jurisdiction where a trespasser was on my property and I was videoing him! he was trespassing, cause there was a “no trespassing” sign 6 feet from his face. he also committed another crime, to which he confessed in a later interview with the state police. the prosecutor in declining to prosecute said he didn’t think he could prove any crime beyond reasonable doubt, because apparently confessions are too m***** ******* hard to prove!
    Oh, and by the way, the man tried to murder me with a rock! I only got part of that attack on video because I was dodging for my life but because I didn’t have the whole m************ thing on video, the prosecutor wouldn’t prosecute. apparently a man’s word isn’t good enough anymore, A prosecutor wants to have the whole thing on video! I will say this, that man is lucky I didn’t blow his guts out with the .40 I was carrying that day.
    What’s the standard fellows? I was in fear of imminent great bodily harm or death from the unprovoked attack of another on property he had no lawful right to be on, with the present ability to kill me, while engaged in the commission of other criminal acts. That justifies the use of deadly force.
    Especially if yous’es blacque and doess’es it in de city of chitcago!
    What do we Believers think now that wrong is right and up is down and there are 100genders and they’re now creating life in a Petri dish?

    The end is near. Please pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

    1. I’ll formally post this tonight.
      Don’t believe everything you read in the media. Did you see the story of prosecutors dropping all charges?
      Did you see the video?
      1. The attack wasn’t over. In fact, video shows the thug attacking was just getting warmed up.
      2. Disparity of force. She was a mom getting clobbered by a man in his peak physical shape.
      3. Google “killed with a single punch.” A punch, delivered with power, very much as potential for a crippling or even fatal injury. Now multiply that by a flurry of punches, unprovoked. (If that was your mom under attack, would you have stopped a similar attack?)
      4. The “killer” was a kid protecting his mother from a felonious, potentially crippling attack.
      5. Mom asked her kid to retrieve her gun from the car. She didn’t tell him to shoot her attacker… at least not on this video.
      6. She can’t get a conviction because this is an easy self-defense case for a competent defense attorney.

  3. Very valid points, all. It is nice to have intelligent discourse here.

    I was charged by a prosecutor who said I should have just taken a beating. I’m older than you. I was sick with COVID and pneumonia near to death which did kill a loved one at the same time. my attacker was 27 years my junior in his physical prime. I am a man who has been fighting my entire life from my youth to my adulthood, played football, basketball, including ghetto pickup games and lived in one. But if you don’t know how devastating COVID and pneumonia can be, just ask someone you know who had and survived it. I couldn’t have fought my way out of a paper sack! I was on oxygen 24 hrs a day except when using the toilet.
    I pulled my pistol. I overcame a lifetime of training that taught me to never point a gun at another human being…except in that 1 instance where it is required. we don’t pull our guns to fire warning shots. We don’t pull our guns to gesticulate wildly with them. Or to scare someone.
    We pull our guns when our lives are threatened, and we are prepared to use deadly force to defend our life or another’s. Remember those!!
    I did the absolute right thing, I Would do the absolute same thing again in a heartbeat and I was still charged. And the older I get, the more likely I am to use my defense tools instead of getting beaten to death.
    Despite what the tin foil hatter’s say that disease was nothing to laugh at. And yes, I know, and you would too, if you read ann barnhardt, that the government lied to us all along about ivermectin!
    the prosecutor said I should have just taken my beating. that’s the problem. But wait! My attacker announced he was going to kill me as he attacked! Does that mean I was just going to take a beating? Or does that mean I was going to be killed? we don’t know what our rights are because it depends entirely on state attorneys and judges respecting them. There’s utterly no consistency.
    I’m pleased the boy and the woman didn’t get charged yet.
    And I think in hindsight and in light of your additional facts that it probably was the right thing to do, especially if the attack was continuing which I could not see, especially if the mom asked him to go back to the car to retrieve her gun! The video and story made it seem like the kid was carrying his own gun in his hoodie. and that seems to be even more justified if she announced that to the whole room and the young attacker continued to attack. In law that’s called assumption of risk.
    And yes, if it were my mom, that scrawny lil jogger probably would’ve have been fed alive to the pigs! That’s only one of several reasons why we keep pigs right?

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