Last summer, Illinois dodged a bullet for about the third year in a row.  Moderate temperatures didn’t come as close as the FERC folks thought it would in overwhelming their generation resources.  However, each year that passes brings us that much closer to a widespread outage.  Will Mother Nature give us another moderate-weather summer?  Time will tell.

A couple of years ago, Illinois passed an energy bill that made California’s nutty lawmaking seem almost moderate.  It garnered a number of Republican votes because it was the only way Illinois Democrats would offer concessions to keep three of our nuclear plants open.

But with more and more demand (and electric cars), and fewer and fewer coal-fired plants, it’s just a matter of time until the worst happens.  Are you ready at home?  It would be prudent to get ready if you’re not already.

Sadly, FERC’s answer to this year’s projected threats to power grid reliability is “hope.”  That’s right – “hope.”

Hope doesn’t run sump pumps, freezers and refrigeration, well pumps or sewage transfer pumps.  Hope doesn’t power the Internet, CPAP machines or electric cars.  It might not charge those electric cars, either.

And when it comes to gun owners (and non-gun owners), “hope” doesn’t deter criminal behavior like electricity does.  After all, bad guys prefer darkness to ply their trade.  And without electricity, it gets pretty dark at night.


Here’s the Epoch Times thoughts.

Hope is a powerful energy, but it won’t keep the air conditioner on when summer temperatures soar and demand for electricity skyrockets, causing an overburdened electrical grid to grind to a stop.

Yet that seems to be the Biden administration’s plan in addressing warnings that nine North American regional electrical grids face an “elevated risk” of power outages this summer, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Commissioner Mark Christie maintains.

“I take it as, ‘We hope we can through the summer. We think we have a chance if the weather is normal,’” he said during a May 18 FERC meeting. “We hope we get all good news this summer.”

“We hope…”  There’s a lot of hope there.

4 thoughts on “‘HOPE’: Broken record from FERC over anticipated threats to power grid this summer”
  1. Why the concern about relying upon hope to keep our lights on? After all, Obama’s hope and change has been so great for america. And now that we’ve got Biden with the third term of obama, isn’t everything just great? Come on, why are you so cynical? I have the means and the capability to keep my lights on for weeks. The problem is my neighbors aren’t going to be very happy when I’m eating well and they’re looking for water that won’t make them celebrate National diarrhea week. Runs till Friday.

  2. Many events coming together at precisely the right moment in history. The possibility of a state’s led revolt against the feral grubberment may happen before the Biden Dominion expires. Before all of you talk about picking up your arms and forming on the village green I am referring to administrative actions state legislatures can take to cut the legs out from under the feral grubberment within the states.

  3. Aren’t you glad we deregulated the utility companies , and then made them shut down the coal burners. It will feel so green this summer with the rolling blackouts.

  4. My dad told me to wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets full first. I believe it works the same way with hope.

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