Want to get shot?  Pour a can of gas on a gun owner’s truck as part of a prank and find out if you live long enough to need a Depends adult diaper.  This is exactly what happened to a gun-packing grandpa when a frisky young man poured what looked like gasoline across the front of the old guy’s truck as he was getting in to leave a store.

The bad actor had an entirely different take on things when he saw the old man come out with a gun.  He went from cocksure “Kanye 2020” to a pleading “It’s just water.  Smell it,” in record time.


The old fella was unimpressed.

In a certifiably John Wayne voice, the old man said, “It better be water, pardner.”

“Or you’re one dead son of a b****.”

The prankster get’s cocky once more when the old man begins to put his gun away instead of using it.  He also gets mouthy and the old fella explains the facts of life to him.

“You almost died you stupid son of a b****.”

My hat’s off to the old fellow.  He handled this very well.

What are your thoughts?  Leave them in comments.  Would you respond as the old fella did or would you be more (or less) tolerate of the “prank”?

2 thoughts on “DARWIN LURKS: Prankster pours ‘gasoline’ on CCW holder’s truck”
  1. There would have been a lot of temptation to shoot him. But the old guy did the right thing. The gas-jug guy needs to find a new line of work. Otherwise he’s not going to collect Social Security or anything else.

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