House Bill 676 passed the Illinois House today and goes to the Senate.  Among its provisions is a section mandating that police seize firearms from anyone subject to an order of protection or a Red Flag order.  This includes ex parte orders where the respondent is not notified of a hearing or offered any due process rights.

Not included in its provisions is language to compel the state to return the seized guns if the order expires or if the ex-parte order is dismissed as unfounded.

After this bill becomes law, people will die.  Cops will get killed.  Gun owners will get killed.

While most gun owners are very respectful of law enforcement and the rule of law, if you show up at oh-dark-thirty and tell a hundred gun owners that you’re there to seize their guns, I guarantee you a few are gonna say, “From my cold dead hands.”

It’s not gonna take too many dead cops before police decide that free dental care isn’t worth doing gun confiscations.

There are plenty of other over-the-top unconstitutional provisions like studying a requirement to mandate insurance for gun owners.

This will pass the Senate and the governor will sign it.

After that, gun confiscation raids will be coming to a neighborhood near you.  And maybe your house too.

That featured photo at the top of the story?  That’s from the Illinois Senate Democrats website.

5 thoughts on “GUN SEIZURES COMING: House Bill 676 moves to Illinois Senate”
  1. Well it will be fine while the courts dick around for another several years just to get a ****ing injunction in place that lasts more than a week.

  2. God help us!! This will not end well. I wonder what would happen if citizens start red flagging everybody they hate?

    1. What would happen if law abiding firearms owners would preemptively fire back at all legislators, police/sheriffs departments with a “class-action” red flag/order of protection against those who are anti-constitution as a means to protect our enumerated Rights in order to hold their feet to the fire they are starting?
      I’m with you G G, make their “law” be used against them!
      We need a good firearm-friendly federal judge!

  3. How about we do a red flag on all the POS politicians that voted for this?
    Let them experience it first hand.

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