There were a lot of anti-gun bills floating around this spring.   Nothing passed the deadline for moving out of the originating house.  And then this week happened as we’re back to the “gut and replace” games.

HB218 sets up gun manufacturers for nuisance lawsuits over advertising.

HB676 is far worse.  Among its provisions:  it requires gun seizures for those subject to restraining orders or red flag hearings.  It also lacks any mechanism to force the return of said guns.  In fact, it looks as though the seizure is permanent.

It also expands those who can file for restraining orders and enhances to restrictions upon the respondents.   

It also has regulatory issues with Tannerite and allows counties to effectively ban outdoor shooting – including ranges – located within 1000 yards of three residences.  The “no ranges” section has since been removed, leaving the rest of it intact.

In our lawsuit challenging the FOID Act, the judge has suffered a medical emergency and was unable to hold the hearing.  We’re rescheduling for June 20ish. 

In our lawsuit about the gun and magazine ban:   We got a preliminary injunction and then a single rogue Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals justice blocked it.

20,000 firearms purchase background checks were done two Saturdays ago during freedom week. 

We’re vigorously contesting this Motion for a Stay on the Injunction.

Other happenings:

In the northern district, the state of IL wants to hold all cases in abeyance except for the Naperville case

The state cases:

Caulkins case has a May 14th court date in front of the Illinois Supreme Court for oral arguments. 


HUNTERS:  Good news.  The IDNR has issued a directive…  “If it was legal last year, it’s legal this year” when it comes to guns and magazines.  For now.  It’s even on the IDNR website.

Has it occurred to anyone why the ISP hasn’t been enforcing the new gun ban law? It isn’t because they’re benevolent.  It’s because no state cop wants to enforce a law that’s already been adjudicated unconstitutional in state court (the Caulkins case in Macon County).  I guarantee you the ISP will take a different tact when the Illinois Supreme Court overturns the appellate court decision that granted the temporary injunctions.  I’ll even tell you what the ruling will be:  the Illinois Supreme Court will say the State Appellate Court (the Fifth Circuit, IIRC) used the wrong standard of scrutiny.  Instead of using strict scrutiny on the merits of the challenge, they should have used intermediate scrutiny to allow a two-step, interest-balancing approach to the challenge.   

Areaneah Preston, a Chicago Police Officer, was murdered as she emerged from her car at her residence after a shift working at the Chicago Police Department. Thugs with a long criminal history were committing a string of armed robberies and carjackings to raise money for a barbeque.  Chicago isn’t safe.  For anyone.

What discussion of Illinois be complete without including Chicago?

Johnson won the Mayor’s race, thanks to the overwhelming support of the highest crime neighborhoods.

The following week Walmart elected to close half of its Chicago stores and the others are on thin ice.  They’ve been in Chicago for 17 years and “invested” $170M in the Windy City and not one of their stores has ever turned a profit.

Elections have consequences and those neighborhoods are going to be far worse in four years thanks to who they voted for.  Gooder and harder, you know.

For instance, Ariana Preston, a 24-year-old Chicago Cop was killed outside her house as she came home from work in what most would call a decent neighborhood in Chicago.  They are classifying it as “in the line of duty” as she was in her uniform when killed.

A shortage of cops on the street left her laying on the ground bleeding out for 31 minutes after a Shot Spotter system alerted dispatchers.  Sadly, she died.  She was a week away from getting her master’s degree in Children and Family Law from Loyola University.  Killed by young thugs.

Johnson hasn’t even taken the reigns yet and he’s already characterizing the violent criminal mobs running wild in downtown Chicago as “kids making silly decisions.” 

Chicago’s solutions to rampant crime range from street vendors not accepting cash to restaurants installing unbreakable shields over windows.  Anything and everything except putting law-breaks in jail.

Just don’t be a store manager who resists a career criminal with a knife.  Because if he stabs you repeatedly, he’s not likely to be caught.  And even if he is caught as one was recently, he’ll be charged with a misdemeanor.

There is some good news…  Kim Foxx is not seeking re-election.  Be careful though…  we’re liable to get someone who makes Kim Foxx look like a moderate!

Again, contrast Chicago’s 104% increase in major crimes in the last two years with what’s happened in Florida under Ron DeSantis.  Violent crime in Florida has fallen to 50-year-lows in Florida.  Violent crime here is only going upwards.

The difference between woke and law and order could not be more stark.

Visit the Guns Save Life website.  Comment on the stories.  Share them on social media or with family.  Your participation will help it grow and flourish. 

ATF’s support brace rule is about three weeks out from formal enforcement.  If you want to keep your support-braced gun in its current configuration, it’s time to apply for your Tax Stamp via BATF eForm1.  You have until May 30 to initiate the application. 

Speaking of ATF, they are doing home visits to seize “forced reset triggers.”  There’s a video up at GSL on how to handle that should they show up at your house.  In the meantime, you better bury it or lose it in a boating accident.

GSL HONOR FLIGHT GROUP may happen as soon as September of this year…

If you know any veterans who served during Vietnam or earlier, they are welcome to go at no charge if they can make it to the Springfield airport as part of our “group.”  Download the application at the Land of Lincoln Honor Flight website.  We have room for about 90-95 and it’s generally first come, first served.

This might even happen in September or October of this year if the stars align just right.

Please get completed applications to your local Regional Directors ASAP.



2 thoughts on “Executive Director’s Update…”
  1. The General ASSembly is a rogue agency, beholden to no one including SCOTUS. They will continue to flaunt legal processes and pass unconstitutional bills, because our corrupt Illinois Supreme Court has been paid to not reign them in.

    The only chance we have at this point is SCOTUS to knock down these unconstitutional laws one by one as the occur. Even then, I doubt our AG, Governor or his stormtroopers over at ISP will honor their decisions. They have all gone rogue thanks to the lawlessness of Chicago Democraps spilling over into the rest of the State.

  2. I apologize in advance, but I have to play “grammar Nazi a$$hole” here. When someone is taking control of a situation they “take the reins” or “rein them in”, like the reins on a horse. If they rule over a group, they “reign”, like “Pritzker reigns over Illinois like a tyrannical thug.”

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