Thank goodness it’s Friday.  There’s a lot to be worried about, but there’s plenty to be thankful for.  Along those lines, I’ve got a dash of good cheer to help start you off on the right foot for the weekend. 

It’s always a good day when good triumphs over bad guys with evil in their heart.  Go ahead and view it.

Yes, Virginia, it’s sad that some bad guy perished.  No doubt people loved this aspiring rocket scientist or brain surgeon.  Probably.  But if his contribution to society involves victimizing innocent people, most of us won’t miss him as a result of his premature completion of the room temperature challenge.  Better him than good people.

NSFW, of course.

h/t to Jon.

7 thoughts on “GOOD GUYS WIN: Who tries to rob a gun store? [VIDEO]”
  1. I laughed my ass off. You are right… I love a movie where the good guys win. You are too kind about the dead scumbag.

  2. Who tries to rob a gun store? Someone from the shallow end of the gene pool. This was no great loss to society.

  3. I’ve flushed turds more valuable than that thug. His death was a huge gain for society. His demise also increased the average IQ of his neighborhood by a couple of points.

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