Joe Biden’s “son,” a four-time deported illegal alien, was a tough guy against women and children.  Police say Francisco Oreposa shot five to death, including a mother and her 9-year-old son.  Yes, in a certifiable mass murder with a firearm than the anti-gun left will tout as another reason real Americans should be stripped of their right to own guns.

However, while Oreposa was a tough guy against unarmed women and children, against armed American law enforcement Francisco Oropesa was a whimpering little sissy. 

Officials took his sorry self into custody along with his distinctive tattoo.  Where did they find him?  LOL.  In a town named Cut and Shoot, Texas.  You can’t make this “stuff” up, folks. Tough guy was hiding under a pile of laundry. He must have missed his bus to Chicago.

Was he crying for his mommy after piddling himself?  We don’t know for sure.  We do know he looked pretty, uh, upset while cuffed.  Right before cops took him to jail to get the extra-special strip search and some clean clothes.

Cops also have arrested his beauty queen “domestic partner” (the dog should be thankful) and his buddy for sheltering a fugitive.

One thing’s for sure:  his days of hurting women and children are over.  And that he will come to appreciate soap on a rope.


3 thoughts on “Tough-guy killer of FIVE, illegal Francisco Oreposa, surrenders with a whimper & maybe some incontinence too…”
  1. Catch and release of this third-world vermin clearly isn’t working. Perhaps we should relocate them to a more remote location than across the border, such as Somalia. It’s a lot harder to walk back over the border from there, and we could consider it ‘reparations’ for all that Mullah Omar (Bolshevik – MN) has done for us in Congress.

    1. Hello! How about we drop them off on a few low-tide islands in the Caribbean? They are self-cleaning every 12 hours.

  2. Goddamn shame he didn’t resist. Yeah, I’m all in favor of deporting them overseas like Somalia, or maybe even over the Gulf of Mexico for those deported twice.

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