Illinois published some new administrative rulemaking for the FOID review board in the Illinois Register in recent days.  I haven’t had a time to read it, but wanted to share.

My first blush is “this seems like a lot of work when the FOID will be struck down in a couple of months.”


I’m sure Kwame doesn’t share my sense of humor.

Here’s the stuff pertaining to the Firearm Review Board.

You can access the whole enchilada here.

3 thoughts on “CHARMING: Illinois releases administrative rulemaking on FOID Review Board”
  1. I smell a fresh can of turd polished being being cracked open !!! This ***hole state couldn’t care less about rights and especially gun rights but they do care about staying in control and oppressing people and when the GSL FOID case goes to the court in June and knocks down 50+ years of oppression / permission slips it will be EPIC, beyond EPIC and Kwame Da Klown knows it. This whole thing stinks of a sad plan to dress up the FOID garbage as no big deal, easy to get, no infringement, and “Look your Honor we even have a review board to make sure everything is fair”. I’m no lawyer but what possible argument can they make for keeping the FOID and taking our money to exercise a right ?. Thinking they’re smarter than everyone is their downfall.

    1. Spot on. This is a giant gleaming turd cooked up by a room full of lawyers to justify denying 2A rights under the guise of an official process to preserve them. No sale, scumbags. The FOID card must die.

  2. So if the FOID gets knocked down, it will likely be appealed to the Illannoy Supreme Court, which was recently purchased by Jabba the governor. What happens then?

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