In a recent tweet, the Socialist Rifle Association of Minnesota published a post that most freedom-loving Americans should find troublesome at best and outright seditious at worst. “F*** the 2A,” it began. “We are not in favor of ‘guns for everyone’, we are in favor of arming those groups who stand most to gain from the end of capitalism, and disarming those who stand in our way.”


These folks seem quite happy to contemplate slaughtering millions more to take their attempt at creating the communist utopia. Because 100 million + dying at the hands of communists in the 1900s wasn’t enough?

We’ve seen time and time again that many of these folks have skills no better than the average Joe Sixpack, sometimes a lot worse. But they don’t need super-Ninja skills. They just need to get lucky.

They feel righteous in their sick cause and too many are more than willing to kill and/or die for their beliefs.

The good news is that they are even better at killing fellow travellers who they believe aren’t “pure enough” in their ideological beliefs.

Remember folks, you can vote yourself into socialism but you’ll have to shoot your way out of it.

Sure, these Socialist Rifle Association types may be internet-addicted social misfits seeking an easy way to feel special, to get attention or to have a purpose in life.  However, with a little coaching from true zealots, they have the potential to be very dangerous, especially in a group.


5 thoughts on “Socialist Rifle Association group shares goals: arming communists, disarming patriotic Americans who stand in their way”
  1. Want some? Come get some! Thought for a second, by the headline. You were referring to the NRA.

  2. Yes, these are social misfits that could be turned into a serious threat when armed. Typically young, fat males who hide in their parents basement and have no life or friends aside from other basement losers they find online. Shoot ’em up video games make them feel like some sort of commando when in reality they could get their ass kicked in a fist fight with a 12 year old girl. Being a lump that doesn’t bathe plus the lack of testosterone guarantees they’ll be a virgin dork for life. Antifa is a perfect example of what happens when someone with just enough brains to be dangerous organizes the s**t on societies shoe into a dangerous group. Hopefully they get stopped by the time they get rid of all the idiot liberals that aren’t traitor enough for them. If they truly want to live like people stuck in a commie / socialist utopia they would get rid of the internet and not own guns because the regimes they admire and want to be ruled by doesn’t allow that for the peasants. But they’re too stupid to figure that out.

  3. Telephone tough guys were around before digital technology, now we have digital desperados. Types of people in the world of violence: Those who can fight, those who will fight, those who have the skill and will to fight. The third type is most dangerous, in my experience these people don’t talk about violence. What type are these socialists ?

  4. These soy boys couldn’t fight off a cold. Problem is, put them in a mob and that mob psychology takes over and they become as vicious as a rabid grizzly bear with hemorrhoids. They don’t have to be good, just lucky. Here, John.

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