The hypocrisy from the people running our state knows no bounds.

When Governor Jay Robert Pritzker signed the Illinois Firearms Ban Act on January 10th, he said that we don’t get to pick and chose which laws we obey and which we ignore. That’s pretty big talk from a guy who ignores federal immigration laws on a daily basis.

Pritzker also crowed that “no Illinoisan, no matter their ZIP Code, should have to go through life fearing their loved one could be next in an ever-growing list of victims of mass shootings.”

Unless, of course, they live in Chicago’s poor, crime-ridden neighborhoods. In which case their suffering will be ignored as just another day of black-on-black crime.

Governor Pritzker tells us about this “wonderful” act he signed into law, he doesn’t mention the crime victims he creates by stripping the good people in those violent neighborhoods of the most effective guns available for self-defense. Because with 20% fewer Chicago cops assigned to the streets than four years ago, the cops aren’t going to keep them safe.

Chicago has more homicides than any other city in America. Heck, Lori Lightfoot’s Windy City has more homicides in that single city than two thirds of American states have in their entire states.

Chicago’s remaining law-abiding residents need effective guns for self-defense. JB Pritzker’s security detail has them. Lord knows Lori Lightfoot’s 90-person strong protective detail has them! Why shouldn’t the single-mother or family in a bad part of town not have them too?

Meanwhile over three-quarters of Illinois sheriffs told the governor to go pound sand on enforcing the new gun ban. That incensed the governor who stomped his feet and banged his fist on the lectern like a petulant child. Ol’ JB even threatened to fire them. In our state though, the governor can’t “fire” elected officials like sheriffs.

We accepted Senate President Don Harmon’s challenge to see him in court. Since then, we’ve seen Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s legal team, at least when they actually show up in court. They aren’t impressive and they’ve lost every time they’ve appeared in court to defend unconstitutional gun control thus far.

Guns Save Life, along with our fellow Illinois Gun Rights Alliance coalition members, we lead the charge to restore fundamental constitutional rights on guns for both self-defense and other lawful purposes. While no plan survives first contact, we’re coming after older gun control laws that keep our streets safe for the criminals while leaving good people to fear bad guys and their bad guy bullets.

4 thoughts on “Hypocrisy runs deep in Illinois political leaders”
    1. If they didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all. Anyone want to speculate on how big Brandon’s security detail will be? I’m predicting bigger than Lori’s. I’m cynnical though.

  1. JB Prickster is a trust-fund communist. He has never held a job in his entire life, nor ever had to concern himself with the concerns of the average taxpayer. He is only concerned with death when it can be used to further his political agendas, such as gun control. Prickster, and others of his stripe, are positively delighted when one of their supporters murders innocent victims, especially if those victims are children, because it furthers the cause of disarming all Americans once and for all. Neither he, nor any of his fellow travelers, have any empathy for American citizens at all. They all share the same goals, and wrap it in ‘public safety’ for the gullible and stupid to believe.


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