So while in Georgia on vacation in recent days, I saw a sign for a “drug and gun” store.  The billboard intrigued me.  I wondered if they had tobacco and liquor there, as many of the drug stores here in Illinois stock.  Because, after all, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms sounds like good entertainment.

Then I saw the store at a busy intersection in the town so I stopped.

I discovered a more traditional, independent small-town pharmacy.  Turns out the county was dry as far as package liquor goes.  And they didn’t sell any cigars or smokes.  But boy, they had guns.  And ammo.  And magazines!

Seeing a small hill of Magpul PMags, and thinking of our illustrious governor, our incompetent attorney general and the man-child Rep. Bozo Bob Morgan, I couldn’t help myself.

Here’s a hint:  you can’t stop the signal, you tyrants.

2 thoughts on “You can’t stop the signal, Prizker.”
  1. Illinois will be a free state eventually. The crushing taxes will continue to drive people out, but those of us left behind will be able to defend ourselves.

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