This one is from 2019, but it’s still a classic.  Don’t don a mask, grab a gun and try to pull a home invasion armed robbery at 4am and you might not get killed.  But that’s not what the families of three dead perps have learned from the deaths of their kin.  A hard-working homeowner lit up the trio of aspiring thugs in an extended exchange of gunfire in recent days.  And he killed them all.

What makes the story one of those exceptional reports has to do with the comments of the perps’ kin.

Brothers Isaiah Reid, 16 (left), and Jaime Hernandez, 15
Brandon Gresham

“That’s not how it’s supposed to go.”

“…but aggressively to shoot these little teens, that’s, that’s overkill.”

“He didn’t have to kill them,” 

“I just want justice.”


The mainstream media is wringing its hands over the death of three young men who tried to commit a home invasion at 4am in Conyers, GA.  Especially since the homeowner was a black man, just like the three perps.

The bad guys snuck up under the cover of darkness at 4a.m.  They came with masks and guns and when they didn’t get what they wanted right away, they started shooting.

One of their intended victims returned the favor with a level of resistance the teens seemed utterly unprepared to encounter.

And after these thugs got shot dead for making an extensive serious of felony stupid decisions, here comes the family saying how they “want justice.”

Well, folks, justice was a meal served cold to these teen men.

Here’s a TV report:


CBS is covering this nationally as well.


TapHaps has the story:

After a homeowner shot and killed three masked teens who fired at him during an armed robbery, relatives of one suspect where quick to speak to reporters — even before the teens’ names were released. The family had questions, as well as plenty to say about “these little teens” who lost their lives.

Three teens — eventually identified as Isaiah Reid, Jaime Hernandez, and Brandon Gresham, according to WMAZ — lost their lives when they donned masks and fired at a homeowner during an attempted robbery. While most can understand why a homeowner would return fire after a group of masked young men shot at him, relatives of the boys were quick to come forward to say “these little teens” didn’t deserve it.

According to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s office, the two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old, wearing masks, attempted to rob three residents in the front yard of a Conyers, Georgia home at 4 am on a Monday morning. After approaching the home on White Oak Court, one of the teens brandished and fired a handgun. A resident returned fire, hitting all three suspects. None of the victims of the attempted robbery were injured, but all three teens died — one at the scene and the other two at a local hospital.

Read the whole story for more videos, photos and the perps’ families comments to media.

9 thoughts on “JOHN WICK KIN: Conyers, GA homeowner burns down trio of armed, masked home invaders… dead perps’ families remarks prove priceless!”
  1. The total garbage media tried pretty hard to stir up some sympathy for the would be home invaders / murderers. They made it clear they couldn’t play the race card. I’m shocked they didn’t go with the classic “gun violence” kills kids angle. The reporter fails to realize that if the “large and close family” actually cared about these 3 criminals maybe they wouldn’t be out at 4 am trying to kill someone. The homeowner should be given an award for lowering crime in the neighborhood. I’m sure the “Moms” desperate for action will find a way to heavily twist this to fit their diseased agenda.

  2. When the home invaders show up three or four deep, you are really going to want that AR platform rifle and some 30 round magazines. 3 against one armed only with a handgun is pretty long odds. Congratulations to the armed citizen for successfully taking out the trash and improving society.

  3. Were the homeowner’s signs not large enough? Two signs stating “NO TRESPASSING YOU WILL BE SHOT” do not deter teen thug criminals, maybe they couldn’t read? or understand written English? Were they too busy in English class plotting their next heist? According to the article calling these three “men”; they might have been “males” but by no means were they “men”!
    Apparently the “‘hood” had problems with burglaries with the homeowner posting the signs, I imagine these three thugs were an ongoing reason, and now the crime rate has been diminished by a factor of three. Good on the homeowner.

    1. If their education system isn’t any better there than here, that would explain a lot.

  4. Two were “brothers” but none had the same last name? Ferel “chillins” plying the trade of what they “learned” from the “black community” that has no law-abiding parents teaching the offspring the moral obligation to productive society.

    1. Reminds me of bad “joke” I heard long ago: the “mother” named all her male offspring “Leroy”, when asked if she was calling a specific one says, “I calls ’em by their last name”! Seems to be relevant in today’s society, sad, but true.

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