The Illinois Firearms Ban Act bans a whole lot more guns than most people think…  Todd Vandermyde, the Gun Santa, or “gun law guru” or former NRA lobbyist discusses just how much more inclusive the legislation really is in these two videos.

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5 thoughts on “Illinois Bans 10/22s and almost all semi-auto shotguns…”
  1. The registration deadline approaches, and I have no desire to tell the Paul Blart asswipes at ISP anything about what I own. We have NO reason to trust them with such information. We are running out of time and I am quite sure that the State is going to drag its heels here. We need a full injunction against registration – SOON.

  2. This also means that dealers will be unable or reluctant to sell semi-auto handguns, because they cannot sell the magazine that came with it. This means revolvers for everybody. And double barrels for the Fudds who think black guns are icky.
    Few people will comply. Cook County will not enforce it either as they have a written policy to ignore these laws. With 90 counties refusing to enforce, only the ISP will enforce. This is why I avoid going over the speed limit on interstates.

    And what about bolt actions rifles with detachable magazines? Many are capable of having a bigger mag attached.

    1. ISP are pretty thin on Interstates. They’re running at 1/3 the manpower of thirty years ago.

  3. These technicalities and details in this slop artist written mess will make it even easier to knock down in FEDERAL court. The careful dissection of this mess keeps finding more infringements that are way out of line with Bruen and the in common use argument. It suck we have to deal with this but it is another poison pill for the so called law.

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