Tonight, local media outlets have declared Brandon Johnson the winner of the Chicago mayor’s race.  Johnson, the Chicago Teacher’s Union pet candidate, won by about 1% of the vote.  Politically speaking, Brandon Johnson makes Lori Lightfoot look like a “moderate.”

Law-abiding, productive residents of Chicago had better buckle up because Johnson’s just the opposite of a law-and-order candidate.  Ditto for law-abiding gun owners who will no doubt suffer Johnson’s ire as he has to have a scapegoat for the crime that will continue to explode onto every street and into every neighborhood as criminals become even more emboldened thanks to his “leadership.”

Elections have consequences.  Those living in and those visiting Chicago will get to experience those consequences gooder and harder in the coming years.

Just to put things into perspective, while Chicago’s major crimes are up 104% in the last two years, down in Florida under the leadership of Ron DeSantis, violent crime is at a 50-year low.

It’s not rocket science.

8 thoughts on “CRIMINALS REJOICE: Johnson declared winner of Chicago mayor’s race”
  1. WOW !!!! There are no words. After YEARS of misery, failure, and suffering under Lightfoot the zombie sheep finally had a chance to make things a little better and they actually decided crime and even further collapse would be the best way to go. Yes, Paul Vallas is no prize, not even close but he would have been far better than this raging Marxist criminal coddling loon. Sad that the mental illness of liberalism effects so many in Shitcago.

  2. I hear the sound of someone in a public restroom stall… someone who drank a cup of castor oil an hour earlier on a dare. What’s more, I can hear it all the way down here in Bloomington.

    1. The exodus from Illinois can only accelerate now. We are already #2 year after year, behind only California, for taxpayers leaving for anywhere better (drive 50 miles in any direction from Illinois and you find a better place). We might just go for #1 this year.

  3. Marxists won. When they fail in their quest for utopia, they’ll blame whitey, gun owners, landlords, business owners, and everyone except themselves. Meanwhile the schools will get even shittier, the streets more violent and the victim classes even more entitled. Good luck. They’re f*cked.

  4. Does anyone smell another rigged election? I do. Chicago inflicts its communism upon the entire state. I want a divorce.

    1. It’s business as usual, Chicago has had “dirty” elections for decades. Where do you think the commies took examples from for the 2020 “election”?

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